Kurt Angle recently spoke with Men's Fitness UK, here are the highlights…

On British Wrestling Fans: They show us so much love and respect by making us the number one rated wrestling show in the UK. That means a lot to us because we trail the WWE in ratings over in the States, so it gives us much more appreciation for the fans. I'm really looking forward to the tour in January because of the big crowds we attract. To perform in a packed arena is amazing because back home we only really manage to do this at the TNA pay-per-views and the tapings of our weekly show, iMPACT Wrestling. I couldn't do it last year because of the complications during labour my fiancée had with our little girl. It'll be two years since performing in the UK by the time of the tour.

On Training For The Olympics: I'm very competitive and the challenge of the Olympics is something that I missed [Angle won gold in Atlanta 1996 but has not competed in the Olympics since]. I've also looked at the prospect of competing in MMA but the timing was just never right. At one point I had agreed terms with UFC but they wanted me ready in four and a half weeks but I wanted more time to prepare my body so I could give it a real shot. So it never happened. I am really excited about the Olympics and this time it will be a lot more fun. I put a lot of pressure on myself last time to make sure I would win. I overtrained and because of that I made a lot of mistakes in my matches and caused a few injuries. Now I'm older I realise what my body's limitations are and how to train properly. I'll be a lot more selective of what I do in my matches as well. I think I can be a better wrestler even at the age of 42.

How Does He Rate His Chances At Winning Another Medal?: I can't rate my chances. It is just so competitive - and I still need to make the team first of all. But if I do make the team then I have every chance of winning a medal. For a lot of people it will be their first Olympics where as I know how it works, I've been through it before.

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