Source: TMZ

TMZ has obtained the mug shot of Matt Hardy. You can check it out at this link.

As reported earlier, cops received a complaint of a "possible drunk driver" late Monday afternoon ... who almost "hit two drivers three separate times." According to the police report, cops then saw Hardy "swerve into the curb and then back onto the road."

Once Hardy was pulled over, the officer claims Hardy "had slow and slurred speech, sleepy eyes and a very lackadaisical demeanor." Hardy then took the walk-the-line test -- but "after taking two steps, Mr. Hardy lost his balance and failed to stay on the line" according to the police report.

Hardy took a breathalyzer -- but when the results showed he wasn't drunk ... cops called in a "Drug Recognition Officer" to perform even more tests. Eventually, cops believed Hardy was under the influence of something ... and arrested him on the spot.

Once again, you can check out the mug shot at by clicking here.

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