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Source: PWInsider

"Unlike other professional wrestling, our Luchastars come in all shapes, sizes and sexes," Ship continues. "We have co-ed and trio tag teams and a mini-division of Luchastars under five feet. Outside the ring, we introduce compelling stories that can range from battles over a divorce to immigration issues, from money to morality. Inside those ropes, you'll witness action you won't see anywhere else. You have to be a trained athlete and in superb condition to perform these moves."

"I can't wait for pro wrestling fans to check out Masked Warriors," says Corleone. "It's really a much different product than U.S. fans are used to seeing. As someone who wrestled in the States for years, I can tell you that the lucha style is a lot more high-flying and thrilling than traditional pro wrestling. Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors is going to take the lucha experience to a whole new level."

Ship has upped the production values for the series too, bringing in Craig Leathers to co-produce and direct the program. "Craig was the executive producer and director of WCW Nitro and is responsible for some of the highest grossing pay-per-view events in the industry," he says.

Along with the television show, live tours and action figures available in stores like WalMart and Toys R' Us and other mass merchants are powering the strong momentum for LLUSA. In addition, a new Lucha Libre USA app for iPhone and Android will allow fans to create and become their own Masked Warrior.

"With Lucha Libre USA," Ship says, "we have created a distinctive fusion of American pop culture and a great Mexican sport, one that appeals equally to the Hispanic audience, the mainstream wrestling fan and the MTV2 viewer."

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