Source: PWInsider

WWE SmackDown:

Edge opened the show talking about how great it was to be home. Later in the night, Mark Henry and Randy Orton will be in The Cutting Edge. Cody Rhodes came out and said Edge was kissing up to the hometown crowd. Edge fired back and Cody talked about beating Randy Orton at Raw. Cody tried to give Edge a paper bag. Edge didn't want it so Cody left. Cody tried to give them to fans. Ted DiBiase was in the crowd and laid him out. Cody ran away.

Sin Cara took on Daniel Bryan and lost by DQ when he went nuts on Bryan. This lead to the original Sin Cara coming out and them glaring at each other. It's Cara vs. Cara on Smackdown.

Backstage Zack Ryder told Teddy Long that he has a waiver saying Orton and Henry can't touch each other. Aksana came in to massage Teddy Long but Trish Stratus broke it up. Teddy and Trish talked.

Beth Phoenix beat AJ. After the match she said Kelly Kelly will lose on Sunday.

They did a bit where Trish and Edge were backstage and Christian came in. Christian said he was sorry about being a jerk and they hugged. Edge then told him to stop being a baby and grow a set.

Justin Gabriel and Sheamus beat Wade Barrett and Christian.

Great Khali was wrestling Heath Slater when Jinder Mahal attacked him. It made the match a DQ.

R-Truth beat Evan Bourne.

Time for The Cutting Edge. Edge put over Toronto and then brought out Orton and Henry. They went back and forth and didn't touch each other. Once the segment ended and the no-contact clause was done, they fought. Henry was left standing over Orton, with The World Heavyweight Championship.

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