Source: Pwinsider

-- At last night's ROH death Before Dishonor event, none of the wrestlers involved in the Ladder War were injured. Some needed some cuts looked at by doctors, but that's it.

-- Jim Cornette was pleased with the show, saying that even without title matches and Davey Richards? (who's in Japan) that they had improved from the previous iPPV. He said he's cursed with a locker room of overachievers.

-- ROH COO Joe Koff was extremely pleased with the show as well, remarking it was a "great show" and that he was "proud of his boys."

-- A fan accidentally pulled a wire loose during the Roderick Strong? vs. Eddie Edwards match, so commentary was out for a few minutes, but the situation was quickly repaired. Stu Carapola stated that from a technology standpoint, this was the strongest iPPV so far.

-- ROH will debut on the Sinclair Broadcasting channels this weekend. Sinclair will be conducting interviews with talent to promote the debut. The show will be available for free from the ROH website for markets that do not currently carry them.

-- Only new ROH merchandise was used during the show. They are trying to move out old logo merchandise with sales.

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