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Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater in a dark match.

Yes sir, we promised you a great main event...

The opening video aired hyping the Orton - Henry, Cena - Del Rio and Punk - Triple H matches.

Jerry Lawler, Booker T and Michael Cole are on commentary.

The Miz's music hits and we're set for our first title match of the evening!

WWE Tag Team Title Match
Air Boom (c) vs. The Miz and R Truth

Miz and Truth head to the ring with the new "You Suck" lyrics to R-Truth's theme. Air-Boom is out next, smiling and slapping hands like they're Strikeforce (80s tag team, not the nearly-defunct MMA promotion).

Kofi and Miz started the match for their respective teams. The babyfaces dominated the opening moments of the match, at one point hitting a double splash from the top turnbuckle to the outside.

Hot spot in the match when Kofi Kingston on fire and hit the SOS on the Miz for a two count. Moments later, Miz hit Kofi with a reverse "Rude Awakening," but Kofi kicked out at two.

The ref kept allowing blind tags from the faces, but didn't see tags that the heels made.

Near the end of the match, Miz hit SCF on Bourne but the ref was distracted by R-Truth. When he finally noticed, Bourne kicked out. Miz finally lost it with the ref, and pie-faced him to the mat. The ref called for the bell, and this match is over. Good match ruined by a crap finish.

Air Boom (c) defeated The Miz and R Truth via disqualification.

After the match, Miz shoved the ref to the mat. Truth pulled him off and then helped the ref to his feet, only to floor him with a punch. They pushed him out of the ring and yelled that he was part of the conspiracy.

Promos aired for the WWE's anti-bullying campaign and Inside Out.

Backstage Truth and Miz are storming the halls. Matt Striker approaches them and asks if they know the can get fined or suspended. Truth and Miz say that it wasn't a referee, but a conspirator and they don't care what Triple H does since he might not be COO by the end of the night.

Intercontinental Title Match
Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase

Dibiase took control of the early part of the match, but the tide turned when Dibiase charged at Rhodes and was met with a knee to the mid-section.

Rhodes kept the advantage, with Dibiase getting bursts of offense, only for Rhodes to regain control.

Later in the match, Dibiase caught Rhodes from the top rope and flung him to the mat. He then ripped Rhodes mask off and went to nail him with it, but Rhodes ducked and rolled Dibiase up -- while holding the tights -- and got the pin. Decent match, both guys worked hard, but the crowd wasn't into it until the finishing sequence.

Cody Rhodes (c) defeated Ted DiBiase

Christian's music hits and he heads to the ring wearing street clothes. He says he deserves one more match to become World Champion, and challenges the winner of the Randy Orton - Mark Henry match immediately after the match is over tonight. He's asking the fans to chant "one more match," and Sheamus' music hits.

Sheamus takes the mic and calls Christian a weasel. Christian says at least he has the Testicles to ask for one more match. Sheamus tells Christian that if he helps him get one more match, and Christian wins the title, then his first title match should be against him. Christian agrees with him and Sheamus says the have a deal. Sheamus then leads the crowd into chanting "one more match," and then nails Christian with a Brogue kick.

A promo for Orton's new DVD airs.

US Title Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley vs. John Morrison

Fast-paced match, especially when Ziggler and Morrison were in the ring. Pretty standard working of the match, with two guys being hurt on the outside while two guys worked in the ring.

At one point it was Morrison and Riley in the ring. Morrison went for Starship pain but Riley got his knees up. Ziggler got Morrison in the sleeper and Swagger got the angle lock on Riley. Riley kicked Swagger off, and he hit Ziggler, knocking Ziggler and Morrison to the outside. Riley then hit a DDT, and got a close fall.

Moments later, Morrison got back in the match, but Swagger planted him with a gut-wrench powerbomb. Ziggler pushed him out of the way and covered Morrison to get the pin. Another good match.

Dolph Ziggler (c) defeated Jack Swagger, Alex Riley and John Morrison in a fatal-four way match.

Swagger is upset after the match as Ziggler headed to the back with Vickie Guerrero, who was giddy over the win.

Josh Matthews interviews Mark Henry in the back and says that some people feel that Henry can't win the big one. Henry takes the mic and says that he'll take out 15 years of frustrations on Orton. He then tells Matthews to interview him after he wins the title.

Backstage, Guerrero is giddy and yelling "We won." Matt Striker interviews her backstage, and she says that her talents have been recognized and things are happening. She says she would make a great COO if Triple H loses tonight and then plants one on Striker.

A recap is shown of the Randy Orton - Mark Henry feud.

Mark Henry's music hit and he headed to the ring. Michael Cole noted on commentary that Henry's first match in WWE was in 1996 against Jerry Lawler. Orton then made his way to the ring.

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Mark Henry

Orton took the early advantage and worked over Henry's legs. It didn't last long, as Henry turned the tide with a big boot.

Henry continued to control the match, and the pace predictably slowed down. Henry punished Orton with punches, kicks and nailed a splash for a two count.

Later in the match Henry missed a splash and Orton gained control. He nailed Henry with a series of clotheslines that wouldn't drop him. Orton then nailed a dropkick to take Henry off of his feet. Orton then went for the DDT on the ropes, but Henry nailed Orton with a headbutt.

Henry resumed control of the match.He went for a splash from the second rope but was meet with boots to the face. Orton then hit a DDT and then signaled for an RKO, but Henry slid out of the ring. Orton caught Henry on the ropes and nailed him with a DDT. Orton went for the pin, but Henry got his arm on the ropes at two. Orton slowly made his way to Henry, but Henry took Orton's leg out from under him with a kick.

Henry looked down on Orton and kept kicking his leg. Orton got up and went for an RKO, but Henry just shoved him down. Henry then planted Orton with the World's Strongest Slam and covered him. 1...2...3, he got it!

Mark Henry pinned Randy Orton to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Josh Matthews entered the ring after the match to interview Henry and wished him "Congratulations." Henry took the mic and yelled at Matthews for not believing that he would hold the most prestigious title in "all of professional wrestling." He welcomed everyone to the "Hall of Pain," and said that he's not sharing it with anyone and he will be the most dominant champion of all time. He finished by saying that he will never lose the title.

Hugh Jackman guest hosting RAW tomorrow night is hyped.

Backstage Alberto Del Rio is walking with Ricardo Rodriguez and John Lauranitis. Del Rio said that the company better treat him with respect after he beats Cena and he and Ricardo walk off. Lauranitis then bumps into Punk, and wishes him luck and says that he means it. Punk says he's sure, as in "best of luck in your future endeavors." Punk then walks off and Lauranitis starts to text someone on his phone. Maybe himself?

Kelly Kelly's music hits, and she comes out with Eve to a lukewarm reaction being in Beth Phoenix's hometown. Phoenix comes out next with Natalya to a big pop.

WWE Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Phoenix took control at the outset. Kelly gained the advantage and the crowd chanted "Kelly sucks!" She dove onto Phoenix, who caught her. Phoenix then draped Kelly over her knee and spanked her a couple of times.

Phoenix then covered Kelly for a two count. Moments later, Eve attacked Natalya outside of the ring. Phoenix floored Eve and turned her attention back to Kelly in the ring.

Back in the ring and Kelly rolled up Phoenix for two. She stayed on offense until Phoenix floored her with a clothesline. Phoenix then placed Kelly on the top rope and hit a superplex from the top rope. After taking a minute, Phoenix covered Kelly for a two count. Phoenix then went for a Glam-Slam, but Kelly slid out and rolled Phoenix to get the three count. Crowd booed, but it was one of the better divas matches in recent memory.

Kelly Kelly (c) pinned Beth Phoenix

Phoenix is upset in the middle of the ring as Kelly celebrated with Eve to the back.

The WWE Championship match is up next.

A cool video is shown of world champions of the past to this slow Spanish music. The tempo picks up and shows Del Rio winning the title, Cena wanting the belt, etc.

Ricardo Rodriguez is introduced to introduce Del Rio. Before he can be introduced, Del Rio storms to the ring and asks Rodriguez where his keys are. Cena's music comes out and he drives to the stage in Del Rio's yellow Ferrari.

Before the introductions take place, Del Rio takes the mic and asks Ricardo to introduce him in Spanish, which he does. Cena is then about to be introduced, but Cena takes the mic as a "Cena Sucks" chant breaks out. Cena says that he hates how Del Rio thinks he's better than everyone. Cena then said that he stole Del Rio's Ferrari and asked him how it felt. Cena said he doesn't have his own ring announcer, but he'll give it a shot and introduces himself, even referring to himself as "the king of Fruity Pebbles." He is... he then gives the mic to Justin Roberts who finishes the intro.

WWE Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena

Loud dueling "Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks" chants early on. Ricardo Rodriguez is booted from ringside early on. Del Rio took the early advantage and stretched Cena early on. He nailed Cena with a kick to the kidneys and cinched in a chinlock.

Del Rio stayed in charge, using his kicks as his weapon of choice. Everytime Cena was able to keep something going, Del Rio would regain control.

Later in the match, Cena gained control and his the five knuckle shuffle and went for the AA, but Del Rio slid out and hit the backstabber for a two count. He went for the cross arm breaker, but Cena countered and nailed Del Rio with a dropkick for a two count.

Cena went to the top rope but Del Rio popped up and nailed him with a kick, and got another two count. Del Rio went for another kick and missed, and Cena tried to lock in the STF but Del Rio got out and hit Cena with a backbreaker for another two count. Del Rio got Cena upside down on the turnbuckle and then charged at Cena, but Cena sat up and Del Rio rammed his shoulder in the steel post. That sounded nasty. Cena hit a legdrop from the top rope onto the back of the head Del Rio, but Del Rio kicked out.

Moments later Del Rio hit a german suplex for a two count. Del Rio then pulled Cena towards a corner and climbed to the top rope and hit a splash for another two count. Del Rio is frustrated and applied the cross arm breaker. Cena fought it and lifted Del Rio up and planted him with a powerslam, a la Davey Boy Smith with Shawn Michaels. Cena hit the AA out of nowhere. Rodriguez came back, but was quickly dispatched. Cena locked in the STF. Del Rio fought it, but finally was forced to tap. Good match, but it seems strange to have Del Rio lose the title so quickly.

John Cena pinned Alberto Del Rio (c) to become the NEW WWE Champion.

Cena celebrated after the match and joked to Booker T how he was a 10-time, 10-time, 10-time champion.

A video recap of CM Punk's feud with Triple H aired.

CM Punk's music hit and he got a big pop. He then went to the ring with a new T-Shirt depicting him on a WWE ice cream bar. Michael Cole is losing his voice. He entered the ring to "CM Punk" chants. He sat in the ring for several moments before Triple H's music hit.

The Game headed to the ring looking as big as ever. While he did the spitting the water out on the apron, Punk nailed Triple H from behind and the match is underway.

No DQ Match
Triple H vs. CM Punk (If Triple H Loses, He Must Quit As COO)

Punk took the match to HHH right off the bat, and sent him over the barricade. He went to setup the announce table, but HHH charged at him and threw him into the ring and back out. Triple H then threw Punk around at ringside and got him on the announce table and went for a pedigree. Punk got out and went for the GTS, but HHH pushed him off and Punk went unto the ring and invited HHH in.

Triple H got in the ring and he and Punk started trading punches, with Punk getting the better of it. HHH kneed Punk in the gut and then landed a barrage of punches. He went for a pedigree, but Punk pushed his into a corner and rammed his shoulder in HHH's midsection repeatedly. He then missed a knee in the corner, which sent him outside.

The two continued to brawl outside the ring. They fought in the stands and Punk nailed HHH in the head with a trash can and threw him into a steel guard rail. They fought up to the stage, and Punk landed forearms to Triple H's face. Triple H got Punk's legs and slingshotted him onto a short screen at the top of the stage. Shortly after, Punk body dropped HHH over the screen.

Punk threw some sandbags onto HHH and then beat on The Game down the aisle towards the ring. Punk nailed HHH with a kick and got him in the ring. Punk then introduced a chair in the ring and nailed HHH with it and did a crotch chop, before covering him for a two count. Punk then placed the chair in the corner between the ropes and charged at HHH, but was met with a spinebuster. HHH got a two count and then threw Punk into the corner into the chair, sending Punk to the outside. HHH then clipped Punk outside of the ring. It's just Booker T and Lawler on commentary now, and it's much better.

Triple H wrapped Punk's legs on the post and nailed him with a chair on the knee. Triple H did the crotch chop and went for a figure four outside the ring, but Punk pushed him off into the steel steps. HHH got a monitor, but Punk kicked him in the head, sending HHH on top of the Spanish announce table. Punk went inside the ring and climbed to the top rope and planted HHH with a Randy Savage flying elbow, which sent them both through the table! Crazy spot!

Both men got back in the ring, and R-Truth and The Miz hit the ring and attacked both Punk and Triple H. Miz planted HHH with a SCF, and Truth hit his finisher on Punk. They then put Punk on top of HHH and the referee went to count. 1... 2... kick out! Miz and Truth are pissed and get in the referee's face. Miz pushes the ref and pie faces him. The ref sticks his finger in Miz's chest. Miz goes to punch the ref, but the ref blocked it and punched Miz! Truth attacked the referee from behind and Truth and Miz went on to deliver a beat down on the ref and then sent him outside of the ring.

John Lauranitis walked down the aisle, and Truth and Punk recovered and cleared the ring with the heels. Triple H then hit a pedigree on Punk and covered him, but there was no ref. A ref ran down from the back, but Lauranitis stopped him and had him tend to the injured ref. Punk then got HHH in the GTS and covered, and Lauranitis sent him in the ring. 1... 2... Truth broke up the count. It's just chaos right now.

Punk nailed Truth with the GTS outside the ring and went for a flying clothesline, but HHH nailed Punk in the gut and hit a pedigree. 1... 2... kickout!

Kevin Nash came through the crowd and entered the ring. Nash then punched both Punk and Triple H. He then started attacking HHH in the corner, nailing him with knees and forearms before finally going for the jackknife. Punk stopped it and went after Nash, but Nash ended up planting Punk with the powerbomb.

Nash then went outside of the ring where HHH was laying and floored him with a clothesline. Nash then got the announcers table setup, but HHH blindsided him and floored him with a sledgehammer. HHH then slowly got back into the ring as Punk slowly made his way back to his feet. HHHH then hit Punk with the pedigree and got the three count. Really good, wild match.

Triple H pinned CM Punk.

The referee raises Triple H's hand as the show went off the air.

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