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Promos aired for the WWE's anti-bullying campaign and Inside Out.

Backstage Truth and Miz are storming the halls. Matt Striker approaches them and asks if they know the can get fined or suspended. Truth and Miz say that it wasn't a referee, but a conspirator and they don't care what Triple H does since he might not be COO by the end of the night.

Intercontinental Title Match
Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted DiBiase

Dibiase took control of the early part of the match, but the tide turned when Dibiase charged at Rhodes and was met with a knee to the mid-section.

Rhodes kept the advantage, with Dibiase getting bursts of offense, only for Rhodes to regain control.

Later in the match, Dibiase caught Rhodes from the top rope and flung him to the mat. He then ripped Rhodes mask off and went to nail him with it, but Rhodes ducked and rolled Dibiase up -- while holding the tights -- and got the pin. Decent match, both guys worked hard, but the crowd wasn't into it until the finishing sequence.

Cody Rhodes (c) defeated Ted DiBiase

Christian's music hits and he heads to the ring wearing street clothes. He says he deserves one more match to become World Champion, and challenges the winner of the Randy Orton - Mark Henry match immediately after the match is over tonight. He's asking the fans to chant "one more match," and Sheamus' music hits.

Sheamus takes the mic and calls Christian a weasel. Christian says at least he has the testicles to ask for one more match. Sheamus tells Christian that if he helps him get one more match, and Christian wins the title, then his first title match should be against him. Christian agrees with him and Sheamus says the have a deal. Sheamus then leads the crowd into chanting "one more match," and then nails Christian with a Brogue kick.

A promo for Orton's new DVD airs.

US Title Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley vs. John Morrison

Fast-paced match, especially when Ziggler and Morrison were in the ring. Pretty standard working of the match, with two guys being hurt on the outside while two guys worked in the ring.

At one point it was Morrison and Riley in the ring. Morrison went for Starship pain but Riley got his knees up. Ziggler got Morrison in the sleeper and Swagger got the angle lock on Riley. Riley kicked Swagger off, and he hit Ziggler, knocking Ziggler and Morrison to the outside. Riley then hit a DDT, and got a close fall.

Moments later, Morrison got back in the match, but Swagger planted him with a gut-wrench powerbomb. Ziggler pushed him out of the way and covered Morrison to get the pin. Another good match.

Dolph Ziggler (c) defeated Jack Swagger, Alex Riley and John Morrison in a fatal-four way match.

Swagger is upset after the match as Ziggler headed to the back with Vickie Guerrero, who was giddy over the win.

Josh Matthews interviews Mark Henry in the back and says that some people feel that Henry can't win the big one. Henry takes the mic and says that he'll take out 15 years of frustrations on Orton. He then tells Matthews to interview him after he wins the title.

Backstage, Guerrero is giddy and yelling "We won." Matt Striker interviews her backstage, and she says that her talents have been recognized and things are happening. She says she would make a great COO if Triple H loses tonight and then plants one on Striker.

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