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A recap is shown of the Randy Orton - Mark Henry feud.

Mark Henry's music hit and he headed to the ring. Michael Cole noted on commentary that Henry's first match in WWE was in 1996 against Jerry Lawler. Orton then made his way to the ring.

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Mark Henry

Orton took the early advantage and worked over Henry's legs. It didn't last long, as Henry turned the tide with a big boot.

Henry continued to control the match, and the pace predictably slowed down. Henry punished Orton with punches, kicks and nailed a splash for a two count.

Later in the match Henry missed a splash and Orton gained control. He nailed Henry with a series of clotheslines that wouldn't drop him. Orton then nailed a dropkick to take Henry off of his feet. Orton then went for the DDT on the ropes, but Henry nailed Orton with a headbutt.

Henry resumed control of the match.He went for a splash from the second rope but was meet with boots to the face. Orton then hit a DDT and then signaled for an RKO, but Henry slid out of the ring. Orton caught Henry on the ropes and nailed him with a DDT. Orton went for the pin, but Henry got his arm on the ropes at two. Orton slowly made his way to Henry, but Henry took Orton's leg out from under him with a kick.

Henry looked down on Orton and kept kicking his leg. Orton got up and went for an RKO, but Henry just shoved him down. Henry then planted Orton with the World's Strongest Slam and covered him. 1...2...3, he got it!

Mark Henry pinned Randy Orton to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Josh Matthews entered the ring after the match to interview Henry and wished him "Congratulations." Henry took the mic and yelled at Matthews for not believing that he would hold the most prestigious title in "all of professional wrestling." He welcomed everyone to the "Hall of Pain," and said that he's not sharing it with anyone and he will be the most dominant champion of all time. He finished by saying that he will never lose the title.

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