Source: PWInsider

-- TNA tapes two editions of iMPACT! Wrestling Wednesday night in Knoxville, TN.

-- Former TNA office worker Brian Wittenstein has stated that he made the decision to leave TNA, and was not released as other reports have claimed.

-- On September 6th, TNA settled a lawsuit they brought against The Clarendon National Insurance Company over an alleged breach of contract and statutory violations of the Texas Insurance Code. That lawsuit is from the 2008 lawsuit between TNA and Konnan.

-- The TNA house shows for the weekend include 9/23 in Springfield, IL at the Capitol Convention Center, 9/24 in Hammond, Indiana at The Hammond Civic Center and 9/25 in Hillsdale, Michigan. Jeff Jarrett, Beer Money, AJ Styles and D'Angelo Dinero are confirmed for the show. TNA had claimed that they were entitled to recover the defense costs incurred in defending TNA against the Ashenoff Counterclaim through their Policy with Clarendon, but Clarendon denied TNA's claim. TNA had filed the claim in February.

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