WWE RAW Results - Punk/Cena Team Up, Firings, Henry Goes Nuts... Sound Off!

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Yes sir we promised you a great main event...

CM Punk's music hits and we're off! Punk limps to the ring, selling last night's match with Triple H at Hell In A Cell. Punks gets to the ring and is met with mostly boos, and Punk states that the building they are in has never been kind to him. Punk noted that he had to forfeit his title in this building, and Bob Holly once injured his eye. Punk said that he was in a war last night and that his pride was hurt and also that he might have been wrong. Punk said that R-Truth and The Miz were right, there is a conspiracy in WWE. He says that it's not what Truth and Miz are complaining about, but... Triple H's music hits.

Triple H comes out in a suit, and Punk said that he was not done as he headed to the ring. HHH got in the ring and said that he was as beat up as Punk and that they went to war, but he is still COO of WWE. HHH said that at Hell In A Cell in two weeks, Cena made history and Alberto Del Rio deserves a rematch. He said that Punk deserves a rematch as well, so the WWE Championship will be contested in a triple threat Hell In A Cell match at the PPV.

HHH goes on to say that if Punk can't get it through his thick head that he had nothing to do with everything that's happened, then he has no problem going back to war with him right now. HHH loses his jacket and loosens his tie. Punk said he doesn't mind going to war again, but wanted to finish. Punk says that his pride was hurt because someone was playing the both of them, and that it wasn't HHH but someone used the fact that they had issues. Punk said that the conspiracy involves someone higher up on the ladder.

John Lauranitis comes out and says he believes that there is a conspiracy, and Punk is in the middle of it. Lauranitis asks Triple H to not believe Punk, and that he's upset because he couldn't beat HHH. Punk said he figured it out because of Lauranitis, and said that he thinks Lauranitis wants to be COO and that he's the one responsible for sending Truth and Miz to the ring. Lauranitis said Punk is out of line, and he doesn't want to be COO and he will not be disrespected by Punk because he works for him. Triple H reminds Lauranitis that he works for him. HHH says he's not sure where this is going, but he's going to get to the bottom of it. Lauranitis wishes Punk the best in his future endeavors and fires him. Triple H says he's not fired, and he'll do the firing around here. Triple H says that by the end of the night, someone is getting fired. How many firings have there been over the past 365 days now? The gimmick no longer means anything.

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