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Yes sir we promised you a great main event...

CM Punk's music hits and we're off! Punk limps to the ring, selling last night's match with Triple H at Hell In A Cell. Punks gets to the ring and is met with mostly boos, and Punk states that the building they are in has never been kind to him. Punk noted that he had to forfeit his title in this building, and Bob Holly once injured his eye. Punk said that he was in a war last night and that his pride was hurt and also that he might have been wrong. Punk said that R-Truth and The Miz were right, there is a conspiracy in WWE. He says that it's not what Truth and Miz are complaining about, but... Triple H's music hits.

Triple H comes out in a suit, and Punk said that he was not done as he headed to the ring. HHH got in the ring and said that he was as beat up as Punk and that they went to war, but he is still COO of WWE. HHH said that at Hell in a Cell in two weeks, Cena made history and Alberto Del Rio deserves a rematch. He said that Punk deserves a rematch as well, so the WWE Championship will be contested in a triple threat Hell In A Cell match at the PPV.

HHH goes on to say that if Punk can't get it through his thick head that he had nothing to do with everything that's happened, then he has no problem going back to war with him right now. HHH loses his jacket and loosens his tie. Punk said he doesn't mind going to war again, but wanted to finish. Punk says that his pride was hurt because someone was playing the both of them, and that it wasn't HHH but someone used the fact that they had issues. Punk said that the conspiracy involves someone higher up on the ladder.

John Lauranitis comes out and says he believes that there is a conspiracy, and Punk is in the middle of it. Lauranitis asks Triple H to not believe Punk, and that he's upset because he couldn't beat HHH. Punk said he figured it out because of Lauranitis, and said that he thinks Lauranitis wants to be COO and that he's the one responsible for sending Truth and Miz to the ring. Lauranitis said Punk is out of line, and he doesn't want to be COO and he will not be disrespected by Punk because he works for him. Triple H reminds Lauranitis that he works for him. HHH says he's not sure where this is going, but he's going to get to the bottom of it. Lauranitis wishes Punk the best in his future endeavors and fires him. Triple H says he's not fired, and he'll do the firing around here. Triple H says that by the end of the night, someone is getting fired. How many firings have there been over the past 365 days now? The gimmick no longer means anything.

Jim Ross announces that he will interview Mark Henry tonight.

An 8-man tag is up next.

Air Boom, Sheamus and Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett, Christian, David Otunga and Michael Mcguillicutty

Bourne was in most of the most, until he made the hot tag to Sheamus, who beat Otunga down. Everyone got involved, ending in Sheamus planting Otunga with the Brogue kick. He then nailed Otunga with the Celtic Cross and got the win for his team.

Backstage Triple H is talking to a referee, who is telling HHH that he is worried for his safety. HHH tells the ref to tell Miz and Truth to see him when they get there. The ref leaves and Del Rio barges in and is upset that he has to wrestle in a triple threat match. He then says that he prays for Mr. McMahon to come back, and Triple H says to keep praying. HHH says that he's been inside hell in a cell, and Del Rio is going to need all those prayers as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring as Alberto Del Rios drives out. Rodriguez then introduces Del Rio. John Morrison's music hits and that match is next. I don't like Morrison's chances. His career would probably be in a much different place if he never signed up for a Twitter account.

John Morrison vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio squashed Morrison in a matter of minutes, forcing Morrison to submit with the cross armbreaker.

Hugh Jackman is up next.

Back from break, and Hugh Jackman is introduced to the crowd. Jackman gets in the ring and tries to pump up the crowd and runs the ropes. He then takes the mic and gets a pretty good pop. Jackman says hosting RAW is cooler than hosting the Oscars. He then plugs his movie, and is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero, who comes out with Dolph Ziggler. Guerrero enters the ring and acts impressed by Jackman, and says she's his biggest fan and that he is the sexiest man alive. Guerrero says that she's sure that Jackman will agree that she is the hottest Diva, and Jackman admits that she's "a diva."

Guerrero touts Ziggler, who brags about winning his match last night and calls Jackman "Mason Ryan." He then talks about how Jackman coaches robots in a movie, but he's as real as it gets. Jackman asks Ziggler if he's eyeing him down. Ziggler talks about how Cleveland is known for the underdogs, which is another word for loser. Jackman says that he loves underdogs so much that he's going to find an underdog backstage and coach them to beat Ziggler tonight. Ziggler accepts and says something that I missed, with Jackman responding, "Really?" Ziggler asked if he was the Miz, but then said that he was too big to be the Miz. Jackman didn't seem to know what Ziggler was talking about. The fans chanted "We Want Ryder." Jackman finds a "Ryder > Wolverine" sign in the crowd and grabs it and shows it to the crowd and runs to the back while holding up the sign. One of the better RAW guest host segments that they've done.

Backstage, The Miz and R-Truth drive into the arena. John Lauranitis approaches them and tells them that Triple H wants to see them. They apologize to Lauranitis and we head to commercial.

Back from break, and the Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara angle from SmackDown! is shown.

Sin Cara's music hits and he heads to the ring. Lawler says that he thinks it's the original Sin Cara in the ring. Cody Rhodes then heads to the ring. Sin Cara's music hits and the imposter Sin Cara comes out and enters the ring. Rhodes heads out, and the two Sin Cara's have a staredown arguing over who the real Sin Cara is, basically duplicating the angle from SmackDown! Hunico then attacks Sin Cara, and the two square off. Mistico then cleared the ring of Hunico. The fans didn't seem like they knew how to react.

Triple H is backstage getting coffee and is approached by Truth and Miz. Miz says that this was his fault, and that he shouldn't have interfered in his match. Truth apologizes to him and "all the little Jimmy's" and says that he won't do anything like that again. Truth says that HHH is doing a hell of a job as COO and apologizes again. HHH says "fine" and accepts. HHH says that since they put their hands on an official, they have been fined $250,000 each and tells them to get out of here. He stops them and says that since they love being WWE Superstars so much, they won't mind facing CM Punk and John Cena later tonight. He then kicks them out of his office.

Jim Ross' interview with Mark Henry is next.

Highlights are shown of Mark Henry dominating Randy Orton at Night Of Champions last night.

Teddy Long is shown heading to the back. Jim Ross is in the ring, and says that he's been told by Long that Orton has invoked his rematch clause and that match will happen at Hell In A Cell. He then introduces Henry. JR congratulates Henry for winning the big one after 15 years and proving his naysayers wrong. Henry says that JR is one of the naysayers. Henry says that he's never been in a "Hell In A Cell" match, but that he gave Orton hell last night and he'll do it again. Henry says that no man will take his title.

Henry then says that he'll never forgive JR or the people for not supporting and believing him. Henry then asks JR to apologize for the people to him because JR wasn't hot on him and wanted Vince McMahon to fire him. He asks JR again to apologize. Ross apologizes, but Henry doesn't seem content and says that he hates ass kissers. He then grabs Ross' tie and starts choking him, forcing Ross to the mat. Jerry Lawler gets in the ring and tried to pull him off. Henry continued to choke JR before finally pushing him to the mat. Henry then grabs Lawler by the shirt and starts threatening him. Lawler lands a couple of punches on Henry, but Henry floors him with a headbutt and follows up with the "World's Strongest Slam." Henry then pulled Lawler to a corner and kicked him out of the ring. Henry proceeded to clear off the announce table and threw Lawler over it. Henry then delivered the WSS through the table. I might be wrong, but I think that's the first table spot that Lawler's ever done in WWE. Let me know if I'm wrong in the Comments section below. Henry then took the belt and headed to the back as officials tended to Lawler. Great segment in continuing to push Henry as a monster.

Back from commercial and officials are helping Lawler to the back. Josh Matthews joined Michael Cole on commentary. Kelly Kelly's music hit and she headed to the ring with Eve by her side.

Kelly Kelly and Eve vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya

Phoenix and Natalya were having issues in the match. Eve rolled up Natalya and got the win to take the match for the babyfaces.

Backstage Jackman is talking to Ryder and says he's not an underdog, he's delusional for having created the Internet title. Jackman then says Ryder is perfect and they start heading to the ring.

Back from break and they show a promo for Real Steel. Ziggler is waiting in the ring with Vickie. Ryder comes out with Jackman sporting Ryder's headband.

Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ryder was way over with this crowd. Vickie at one point slapped Ryder, and was subsequently sent to the back. With the the referee's attention averted, Jackman jumped on the apron and clocked Ziggler with a punch. Ryder then his "Rough Ryder" and got the 1-2-3. Jackman and Ryder then celebrated in the ring.

Back from break and a video is shown featuring Jack Swagger.

Vickie Guerrero is shown backstage. Jack Swagger approaches her and asks about the managerial contract. Guerrero says she's happy to add him to her stable. As he walks off, Ziggler is standing there not happy.

CM Punk and John Cena are backstage. Cena tells Punk that they are more alike than they think and that they both create controversy and have historic matches. Cena says that they will go on to make history again at HIAC and that he hopes that Punk makes it there since HHH is firing someone tonight. Punk says it would be history if Cena were the first WWE Champion to be fired.

The announcers hype the Hell in a Cell, and a video package is shown showing clips for Cell matches in the past.

Main event time. Miz and R-Truth come to the ring singing "You Suck."

Back from break and Punk makes his way to the ring. Cena's obviously in next.

John Cena and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth

Miz starts the match telling referee Charles Robinson that he's sorry and shakes his hand. Throughout the match Miz and Truth made it a point that they were playing by the rules. Cena was beaten down by the heels for awhile before finally making the hot tag to Punk. Punk cleaned house and won the match for his team after nailing Miz with a GTS and pinning him.

After the match, Punk and Cena celebrated. It was short-lived as Triple H's music hit. HHH came on stage and said that Miz and R-Truth were fired. Miz and Truth then stormed off to the back where the roster was watching the show on monitors. Triple H started making his way to the roster and was floored from behind by Truth and Miz. The roster came in to HHH's aid and they tossed Miz and Truth out of the arena. A furious Triple H then stormed off in the back as the show ended.

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