Thanks to reader Gus Ghosthunter for sending in these notes from last night's RAW taping:

* The pre-show dark match was really well done, it was a tag match between Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins vs. Titus O'Neil & "Showtime" Percy Watson. I was very impressed with both teams, as it was an excellent match, really well done. Titus and Showtime picked up the win, and it looks like he got a 'serious' gimmick makeover, not very goofy as I remember him on NXT at all, and it kinda works for him very well, almost didn't recognize him but the crowd was behind him. This match should have made the Superstars taping, as (in my opinion) it outshines the ones they taped.

* The fans didn't really pop for Mason Ryan (who was strangely booked as a legitimate face) during his match vs Drew McIntyre, who received some positive pops from the crowd when they heard his music, even though he was the heel in this contest, and came up short to Mason. There was some stalling in the match, a little rough to follow, which didn't look so hot for Mason tonight. Some headlocks back and forth with power moves in between was the bulk of this one. This is also the reason for Dolph taking a shot at Mason during the in-ring promo later on with Hugh Jackman and Vickie Guerrero.

* There was a trailer for "Stone Cold Steve Austin Story" which comes out this November, I am pretty sure it was the big DVD they were talking about lately, and it had music from George Strait and played like a movie trailer.

* They were pushing WWE All-Stars pretty hard, at least three in-arena promos for it.

* Teddy Long missed his entrance by walking out too early and started walking out while the lighting was still down on the 'commercial time', and had to hurry back and wait for the lighting and his music to cue the entrance.

* From the beginning in the front gates, all the way through the dark main event, "Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks" seemed to be the chant of the night!

* The dark main event was a triple threat match for the WWE Championship between John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio, which wasn't long but featured a lot of comedy spots with them going back and forth on Del Rio, even with a moment where Punk did the classic Earthquake splash on Alberto. Cena got the win with an AA on Del Rio and he celebrated with Punk to end the show out.


1. The Miz (Before The Promo up until the Lebron James part)

2. John Cena (For obvious reasons, the women and children went nuts when they heard his music, super loud screams)

3. CM Punk (It gave the guys someone to equally cheer other than Cena and the other obvious reasons, although, when the open promo was done, he seemed to be split on the crowd because of the way he was talking about his past in Cleveland, but as the show went on he became just as big of a pop as the moment he came out, and by the time of the main events came on, he had just as much drawing power as Cena)


1. The Miz & R-Truth (Especially after they mentioned Lebron James)

2. Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler

3. Michael Cole

Alberto Del Rio had big heat as well, but it was hard to place in the top three only because he had A LOT of supporters in Cleveland as well.

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