We noted last night here on the website that Matt Hardy tweeted thanking the fans for their 'overwhelmingly positive' support. Since then, Mick Foley and numerous other colleagues have tweeted their support and well wishes. Hardy tweeted the following last night:

"Thx to everyone that's been so OVERWHELMINGLY positive about my decision to seek treatment. It means the World to me-love you all! Godspeed.

"I also want to thank my beautiful, intelligent, and strong-willed girlfriend @RebySky for helping me through this crazy time. I couldn't have done it without you baby. Tonight I made a promise to you that I'll never break. Sorry for being so hurtful in our disagreement tonight, you were right, & I was wrong. You have my heart. And when this period of my life is finished, I SWEAR I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure you have the greatest life possible. A life that a amazing lady like you deserves. You're my BANDITO forever Rebecca Victoria Reyes, I love you!"

Hardy announced on Monday that he's going to rehab, but it's been revealed today that he was arrested once again last week (9/14) after his home was raided and illegal drugs were found.

Hardy, 36, has been charged with possessing a controlled substance with intent to sell or deliver, possessing a controlled substance, maintaining a drug dwelling and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, according to a release today from the Moore County Sheriff's Office.

The search at Hardy's home on Sept. 14 turned up 20 vials of anabolic steroids, the drug MDMA (Ecstasy) and $1,961 in cash, the release said.

In case you are losing track of all Matt Hardy's arrests, this is the third time Matt Hardy has been arrested in less than a month.

Hardy was released today on a written promise to appear in Moore County court on Thursday.

It should be noted that the rehab video was made AFTER this latest arrest. It's likely a case of taking the steps now so that when he gets to court he can use the rehab over jail defense. Nonetheless, he's apparently taking the proper steps to get himself clean.

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