John Cena posted the following on Twitter in a response to criticism following his WWE Title win at Night of Champions:

"Message to the dark side. If change is what u truly want...then use your voice. FOLLOW @ZackRyder u claim there are SO many of u.....

"But 200k is not even close to enuff to prove your case. Let your voice be heard. FOLLOW @ZackRyder #sevenfigurebroski

"WHEN he gets to a million...cats and together...mass hysteria! Instead of complaining something FOLLOW @ZackRyder

"Cause I believe in those who support me..and right now..there's LOTS of US. So until u do something to prove otherwise the CHAMP IS HERE!

"Now..CeNation. thank u so much for all the support thru a VERY critical time. U know I will NEVER give up. #riseabovehate"

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