Source: Pwinsider

-- Stan sent word that last night's WWE RAW Supershow had 23 minutes and 41 seconds of in-ring action, down from the previous week.

- As noted earlier, Hugh Jackman was said to be a big hit among everyone backstage at RAW last night. Jackman was a big fan of WWF back in the 1980?s and "lost it" when he saw Steve "Brooklyn Brawler" Lombardi backstage Monday night.

-- The new Sin Cara (Hunico) was the second Sin Cara to come out on RAW Monday night. You can tell the two apart because the original Sin Cara (Mistico) has the blonde hair sticking out from under his mask while the new Sin Cara has a scar on his stomach.

As noted earlier here on the website, one of the reasons WWE is doing a Cara vs. Cara feud is because Rey Mysterio is out with an injury and they want do something big around Lucha masks for WrestleMania 28 next year in Miami. As noted in the past, WWE has expressed interest in breaking the Guinness World Record for the most masks in one place, and are looking to do it at WrestleMania.

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