** SPOILERS ** Impact Wrestling Results For Tonight

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** SPOILERS ** Impact Wrestling Results For Tonight
From Gary Shute and Pwinsider.com

In a dark match:
Shannon Moore defeated Mr. Pec-tacular with Mooregasm.

Sting came out to the ring holding a contract and he wants to get Hogan to come out to the ring. Sting gets the crowd to chant 'Hogan' and Hogan comes to the ring. Hogan says it is not going to happen since Hogan is not medically cleared. Sting laughs and asks for a clip to be played. The clip was of Hogan attacking Sting several weeks ago. Hogan says this isn't funny. Sting says that that is proof and that Hogan has still got it. Hogan says he has nothing to prove. Hogan says the contract means nothing and that he is a business man now. Sting says if he wants to do business let's do the match right now.

Eric Bischoff comes out and questions what Sting is doing. Sting immediately lays out Bischoff with a punch. Sting says that nothing that Hogan can do will keep the match from happening.

Karen Jarrett was backstage with Miss Tessmacher, Traci Brooks, and Mickie James. Karen was talking to Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher about them having a "Queen's Qualifying Match" where the winner would face Winter and Velvet Sky in a three way match at Bound for Glory. She told Brooke to think twice about going out there and showing off what everyone wants to see. Brooke and Mickie walk off and Karen told Traci to cover her chest up again. Kazarian walks by and insults Karen by telling Karen she isn't even worth paying 50 cents an hour. Karen got on her phone to call someone and walked off angrily.

Match Number One: Mickie James defeats Brooke Tessmacher with a Leaping DDT to win the "Queen's Qualifying Match' to face Winter and Velvet Sky in a Knockout's Title Match at Bound For Glory.

Match Number Two: Austin Aries defeats Jesse Sorensen to retain the TNA X Division Title with a school boy. Kid Kash got involved during the match and he distracted Sorensen by taking the football and tossing it to Jesse. As Kash walked away, Jesse threw it and hit Kash in the back. Aries then hit the IED Dropkick and then got the schoolboy for the victory.

Kurt Angle comes out and invites Bobby Roode to the ring. Angle commends Bobby for passing the first test of beating Kazarian. Tonight, he will face Christopher Daniels who two weeks ago turned his back on his best friend. Angle wonders what Daniels will do tonight. Roode takes the mic and says that for 13 years he has given it all to this business. Roode says that Angle is the greatest wrestler to ever live, but on October 16th in Philadelphia, nothing will prevent him from taking the World Title. Angle says he knows a man who will stand in his way and it might be his best friend he has in this business and James Storm comes to the ring. Storm gets in Roode's face.

Storm says that he can see what Roode is thinking. He is thinking that Immortal bought him out. Storm says he makes his own rules. He is not out here to get into it with Roode, but he is out here to get into it with Angle. Storm insults Angle and says something that he should do, since he has all of the stroke, Kurt should make a match between him and Angle tonight. Angle asks who does Storm think he is. Storm advises Angle to go to the back and put on his gear and sorry about his damn luck.

Christopher Daniels came out with a microphone. He said that he will not be facing Bobby Roode tonight. The reason for this is he feels he has nothing to prove by beating Bobby since he beat a former World Heavyweight Champion and a Grand Slam Champion in AJ Styles three weeks ago.

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