Source: The Charleston Post Courier

According to The Charleston Post Courier, Ric Flair has been diagnosed with a torn triceps and will undergo surgery next week. Following surgery, Flair will be on the shelf from 4-6 months and will have to undergo physical therapy to fully rehabilitate the injury.

"I thought it was getting better but the swelling just wouldn't go away," Flair told The Charleston Post Courier.

Flair was initially diagnosed with a broken bursa sack in his elbow, but the swelling and pain did not go away, and after further examination, it was determined that he tore the triceps. The injury happened during his Impact match with Sting, during the superplex spot.

"I've never torn anything in my life except my rotator cuff," said Flair. "I just landed on it wrong. And that just comes from not working enough. But it's no big deal. It could have been a thousand other worse things."

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