As noted last week, Triple H recently spoke to AOL Moviefone and stated that UFC needed to evolve more than WWE. CM Punk responded to Triple H's comments on his Twitter, remarking that "if you don't evolve, you die."

Punk also made an appearance on The MMA Hour earlier this week and elaborated on his comments about WWE not needing to evolve.

"I think that's absolutely insane," Punk said. "Any human being, any business, any sport needs to constantly evolve. I'm not a big football guy, but look at the NFL, they're constantly evolving -- whether it's good or it's bad, they're evolving. And if you don't evolve, you die."

Punk went on to note that Triple H -- like father-in-law Vince McMahon -- just "doesn't get" MMA and noted that while both UFC and WWE need to evolve, the UFC is evolving. Punk, however, did stop short of saying that MMA was hurting pro wrestling, despite evidence to the contrary.

"I wouldn't say 'hurt' us, I think that might be a little harsh of a term, but to deny that UFC is our competition is a little ridiculous," Punk explained. "Cirque du Soleil is our competition. Mad Men and Breaking Bad is our competition . I think everything that people spend their time on and their money on is our competition and to blatantly say that mixed martial arts has no barring on what's good or bad in our business, is silly; it's close-minded.

"UFC is entertainment. WWE is entertainment. And regards to people spending their money on it. It's definitely a competition. I think the way things are in our economy, there's a billion pay-per-views between UFC, [other MMA pay-per-views] and the WWE, we're competing for each other's dollars, absolutely."

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