-- "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Koko B. Ware & The Honky Tonk Man will be part of the IWA Productions event at the Holiday Motel & Restaurant in Olney, Illinois on November 23rd, 2011. Go to http://iwaproductions.com for full info.

-- Former WWE developmental wrestler Mack Johnson will make his return to OVW after almost 7 years on Tuesday, September 27th for OVW Homecoming 5. Johnson, who was forced to resign from his WWE contract in March of 2006 due to health concerns, posted the following on his Facebook page: "I am excited to announce that after 6+ years, I will be appearing AND competing this Tuesday in Louisville, KY at OVW's Homecoming Event! I'm even more excited to see old friends and new! Whether or not anyone remembers me, it'll at least be a special night for ME as my wrestling venture will come full circle on this night! If I never wrestle again, I'll be happy knowing that I went out in OVW! I remember like yesterday, the first time I met Nick 'U-Gene' Dinsmore to the time I got the call from Tim Ash, Tommy Dreamer and Jim Cornette informing me of my WWE Contract reward! And to Lance Storm handing me my first WWE Pay check!! It'll be a sentimental night for me none the less! So, if you're in Louisville or near, come to the show and see us! Sept 27th." For more information on OVW events, visit OVWrestling.com.

-- AWE sent out the following press release with Terry Funk asking for a match against Tommy Dreamer:

Terry Funk was all for wrestling on the AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view - with a catch.

Funk's direction to the AWE brass: "Find me somebody that isn't worth a damn. Put me in the ring with somebody that's not too powerful, somebody that's not a great superstar or anything."

"I've got the guy in the back of my mind. What's his name, what's his name? Put me in the ring with Tommy Dreamer," Funk said.

Dreamer declined comment on the ribbing from his old ECW nemesis. AWE Commissioner Rick Garrison, speaking for CEO Marvin Ward, said negotiations are under way to put a match between Funk and Dreamer together for the show.

Funk is doing his part to talk his way into the match.

"I remember him when he was sweeping out the showers and sweeping out the hallways in ECW, taking down the ring. I remember old Tommy. He never was too sharp or too smart. He always wanted to be a wrestler, and I want to give him a chance to, that's for doggone sure. I want to get him in that ring and teach him some lessons," Funk said.

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