Chris Masters Talks WWE Release, Wellness Policy, TNA & More

Share | recently interviewed Chris Masters, here is a transcript of highlights of the interview from Taso the Greek:

Jack E. Jones and OneInchBiceps are joined by Chris Masters to start the show. Chris Masters was honored to get a massive "BAH!" from the Power Goat. Chris was on IYH after the first time he was released from WWE. This marks the second time he has been on IYH, and also the second time he has been released by WWE. Jack wants to know what Chris did to get back into the WWE. He said he got his personal life together to start. One week, WWE was at the Staples center in California, and Chris went to the show and shook hands with everyone, met with Johnny Ace, and two weeks later he was rehired. He said he was not mature enough the first time and so he took responsibility for his mistakes. He was addicted to drugs up to a year after his release, and he felt that he was very young when he first was signed by the WWE, at age 19. Coming back, however, he did not have the machine behind him giving him a massive push like he had before. So it was very different the second time around, as he had to do the best he could with what he was given. But it made him highly motivated in other aspects of his wrestling game.

Chris talks about his matches on Superstars and how he felt that he improved his in-ring work. He wanted to prove that he wasn't just a muscle-head. He also wanted to stay away from the pectoral flexing gimmick, as he again wanted his in-ring work to shine. He started to understand how to work in the ring better the second time around, especially as a baby-face. Jack asked Chris if there were any veterans that helped him improve in the ring. Chris brings up Shawn Michaels as a guy who helped him a lot and at one point even gave him the opportunity to call the matches on many house shows as they traveled around the horn. He mentioned that HHH and Vince McMahon also noticed huge improvement in his in-ring work and told him that he had enhanced his skills a lot. At that point there were thoughts of repackaging him and giving him a new push. That is one reason why he was surprised by his release, because he kept hearing that he was going to get a push and a new gimmick. However, since that didn't materialize he felt that maybe he should have taken the initiative in other aspects of the wrestling game. On whether he feels he will return to WWE in the future, he felt heartbroken to some extent, but he won't base his life upon the WWE. He mentioned TNA, Japan, and Hollywood as possibilities for his future.

Thoughts on his size compared to WWE wrestlers next to TNA wrestlers? He thought maybe Japan he would be a giant, but TNA has guys like Matt Morgan. He sees himself as more of a muscular guy, and not a giant.

He talked about discussing his future with HHH. He talked about doing a different gimmick where he would just be called "Masters". He felt that it was important to evolve and maybe he could move on from the "Masterpiece" gimmick.

Did he meet and talk to Ozzy Osbourne when the Prince of Darkness hosted RAW? Ozzy was quiet and kept to himself but Sharon was very nice, said Chris.

The entire handshake custom was brought up and Chris said it was a very big deal in pro wrestling. He said you have to be respectful to everyone. He remembers one time he missed shaking Bob Holly's hand, and Holly wigged out and wanted to fight him. He said that it is also a matter of being comfortable with people as well.

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