Chris Masters Talks WWE Release, Wellness Policy, TNA & More

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A caller asked about the difficulties of working out and proper nutrition when you are on the road. Chris talks about Wafflehouse, and how he at first hated it, but then he got used to it, mainly because it was a 24 hour eatery. He mainly eats protein and skips the carbohydrates. He also likes Cracker Barrel. The caller asked another question, if people want to take the Masterlock Challenge on the street, to which Chris says yes, people want photo opportunities in the Masterlock. He isn't crazy about doing it though because he feels he could be sued if someone were to get hurt. He doesn't lock the fingers behind the person's head in order to not kill them.

Christine calls in with a question. What was his favorite part of working with Eve Torres? He said it was awkward at first because he never worked with a valet before. He said Eve was a strong, independent woman, and wanted to be treated like one of the boys.

Ryan wanted to know, who was his favorite and who was his least favorite person to wrestle. Chris said HBK was obviously the guy he liked working with in his first run, and in his second run he enjoyed working with Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. He liked how Dolph bumped around the ring. Drew had great timing and liked to work snug, just like Chris liked to work. He also talked about Jack Swagger and how he was a bit stiff in the ring, but they eventually were able to work together. Jack Swagger is stiff, said Chris, as was JTG.

Chris and Jack reminisce about tent shows in Cape Cod, Maine, and how they do not have them anymore.

Gene the Drunk wants to know if Chris likes rum & coke, or vodka & cranberry? Chris can do both but prefers vodka & cranberry. Question about Matt Hardy and if Chris and the WWE knew about his problems? Chris said the signs were obviously there and people were worried about him. He talks about rehab, his own time in rehab, and what it took to get himself right. He talks about pain killers and how they go from helping to becoming a problem. He talks a little about injuries, the pharmaceutical business, and the Wellness Policy of the WWE. He talks about how he got tested and the outcomes.

Fontana wanted to know how they came up with the "Masterpiece" gimmick, and Chris gives credit to Matt Morgan when they were in OVW. The Masterlock was an old-school finisher and Chris talks about it, the internet's criticism of it, his own thoughts on the move, submission moves, and WWE's use of the move and how they built it up. He also talked about how the WWE tried to recondition the fans to more wrestling as opposed to hardcore. Chris talks about the Masterlock and The Big Show and how he was the one wrestler he could not get the hold on him.

Harley Race and his school, WLW, are brought up and Chris talks about his experiences there. He called it the best time and the best promotion he worked for on the independent scene. Chris also talks about one time where a promoter did not pay him and how the police had to show up at a hotel where this person had holed up. Chris tells an interesting story about getting stiffed on the independent circuit here.

Lablueguy asked about wrestling Goldberg in Congo, Africa. Chris says to keep an eye on his twitter as he will be updating the fans about that show, which should happen in the beginning of the next year.

How about TNA? Chris said he has a few good friends in TNA like Matt Morgan and RVD, so anything is possible. He said he won't rule anything out now that WWE has released him. He may do something in Hollywood, or he might even go back to college. Chris said he wanted to make a difference. The IYH hosts and Chris talk a little politics at this point.

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