Chris Masters Talks WWE Release, Wellness Policy, TNA & More

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Chris talked about various wrestling promotions, and then he brought up Hulk Hogan's midget wrestling program and how he couldn't turn the channel, even though it was terrible. Chris gives his insight on Hogan's Micro-Championship Wrestling, which than leads him into talking about shoot promos and the recent CM Punk push. Chris gives his thoughts on shoot promos, real versus worked promos, and the CM Punk angle with HHH.

Chris talks about ring rats! He compares the ring rats of years ago compared to ring rats of today. Chris gives his thoughts on midgets, and perhaps the most famous current midget, Hornswoggle.

Bobby Lashley is brought up, and Chris talks about how he was one of the strongest guys he had ever been across the ring against. He called him athletic and genetically gifted. He talks about people's different talents and skills and Lashley was just a powerhouse.

Thoughts on the internet and the criticisms he got from many people in the business invokes some interesting comments from Chris Masters. He talked about how he started in the business as a wrestler and not as a bodybuilder, he talked about the criticism he heard and how it made him feel, and how he felt he had silenced his critics with his most recent work in the ring on Superstars.

More questions came up about his pectoral flexing gimmick. Chris said that the gimmick was a Brian Gerwitz' creation. He talked on how he truly felt about the gimmick and how he tried to make the most of what he was given in the WWE. In general, he was not a fan of the gimmick.

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