-- WWE.com is pushing the storyline with Triple H possible losing control of RAW, and have superstars talking about his decisions as COO.

-- Former WWF Women's Champion Bull Nakano, who hasn't had much to do with wrestling since 1996, recently announced she would retire at a show on her 44th birthday at the Tokyo Dome City Hall, January 8th, 2012. Nakano, who was down to 130lbs. last year when she married kickboxer Daisuke Aoki, has been a professional golfer since leaving wrestling. She recently appeared at a show in Japan and said she would play the Nakano character one last time on January 8th but would not wrestle because of a 1997 operation on her knees. She is currently eating heavy to get her weight up and weight in at 187 lbs at last word. It's expected that many of the women's stars from the 90's will be appearing on the show. Former WWF women's wrestler Aja Kong, who teamed with and feuded with Nakano, has already been confirmed for the show.

-- Mitchell Ayre sent this one in: This week in the Top 100 Australian Pay TV Ratings, The only Wrestling Program at #79 was WWE Raw with 22,000 viewers.

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-- Here is a video of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, hyping the release of Inside Out on DVD and joking about Triple H's current role as COO…

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