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Yes sir we promised you a great main event...

The RAW intro hits and we're off!

The Hell in a Cell is looming over the ring as Michael Cole, Booker T and Jim Ross welcome everyone to the show.

Triple H's music hits and he heads to the ring. He opens talking about Miz and R-Truth being fired, and shows their post-Night of Champions comments on WWE.com and subsequent apology on RAW. He says they were fired for "savagely" attacking a WWE referee and giving a weak apology. He said he knew right away that he was firing them, but wanted to get another main event out of them. He then fined Mark Henry $250,000 for attacking JR and Jerry Lawler, and said that no talent was bigger than WWE. He noted that he fired Kevin Nash even though he was one of his best friends.

"Excuse Me!!!" Vickie Guerrero heads to the ring with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler enters the ring and asks what HHH was going to do for him, and noted that he was sucker punched by Hugh Jackman. They show some of the mainstream pub that Jackman's punch got. Ziggler stated that he had a hairline fracture, but he can still compete although he can't eat solid food, and wants to know what HHH is going to do about it. HHH said that he doesn't know what he can do about it, since Jackman was a guest, Ziggler picked a fight and got punched in his glass jaw. He said he'll get extra security for when the Muppets host next month.

Cody Rhodes interrupts and heads down the aisle, complaining about the attack from Randy Orton on SmackDown! Rhodes said that what Orton did was much worse than shoving a referee, and wanted to know why Orton wasn't punished. HHH brought up Orton attacking Stephanie while being handcuffed to the ropes, and proceeded to beat Orton in his lawn. He asked Rhodes to man up and take care of business.

Christian then interrupted and said that what happened to him last week was worse than what happened to Rhodes and Ziggler, and that Sheamus cost him the World championship. Christian entered the ring and asked HHH how it was fair. HHH replied that "it's a lumberjack match, idiot!" Christian said they had enough, and that they've all had enough, and asked Ziggler and Rhodes if they'd like to join him in filing the biggest lawsuit in WWE history. He said he'd change his mind if HHH gave him "one more match." HHH said that he'll give Christian one more match at Hell in a Call against Sheamus. Also, on Smackdown!, Christian will get one more match against Randy Orton. And tonight, he'll receive one more match against WWE champion John Cena, but it's not for the title. Christian flipped out since it wasn't for the title and left.

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