Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

-- Jim Ross was asked what he thought of referees not being mentioned on WWE TV, especially with the recent angles involving referees: "It disturbs me greatly Refs names haven't been mentioned in a couple of years. Simple, company policy."

-- For what it's worth, the coat that CM Punk was wearing on commentary during RAW Monday night was actually the coat of John Laurinaitis. That's why Punk mentioned that he got it from a bum earlier in the day.

-- Former WWE Superstar Steve Blackman turns 48 years old today.

-- WWE Superstars matches taped last night before the SmackDown! tapings in St. Louis were Brodus Clay vs. local wrestler Bryan Thomas and Daniel Bryan vs. Trent Baretta. Full spoilers are posted on the main newsboard.

-- Numerous WWE talents were interviewed for Edge's new DVD at Monday's RAW Supershow.

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