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-- On Saturday morning at 10AM ET, Lucha Libre USA returns to MTV2.

-- Lucha Libre USA is scheduled for a 13-episode season.

-- The plan is to do a lot of interactive material, including a contest where fans will be able to enter by answering multiple choice questions based on events that transpired on the TV series.

-- The promotion's storylines will pick up where they left off with season one.

-- Once season two is fully underway, the promotion plans to announce house show dates.

-- Former WCW Producer and Director Craig Leathers was on board as the Director of the new season.

-- Saturday's episode will feature the following matches:

* Lizmark, Jr. vs. Marco Corleone vs. R.J. Brewer vs. Charly Malice to crown the first LLUSA champion
* Mini Park vs. Rosetta Park in a Minis Lumberjack match
* El Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. vs. Rellik and Sydistiko

-- The previously planned UWF taping for Miami has been pushed back to January.

-- There are negotiations ongoing for a reality project that would feature the UWF personalities.

-- The company will be doing a shoot in New York shortly, and will film more for PPV and the possible reality project.

-- The UWF returns to PPV in November with Street King. Here is the lineup and preview…

* Steve Mack vs. Buck Chyld in a Loser Leaves Crew Match.
* SATs vs. Brian XL & Lance Lude
* Eddie Carnage vs. BC Killer - Fight Club Deathmatch
* Homicide vs. Ricky Reyes vs. Rasche Brown vs. Bestia to crown the first UWF Street King champion.

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