Bill Dundee Talks Brawl With Randy Savage, Memphis Wrestling, Lawler, WWE & More

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Gene the Drunk calls in and asks Superstar about his son, Jamie Dundee. Superstar talks about his son's career and where and when he may have gone wrong, the J.C. Ice gimmick, and his influence, or lack thereof, in his son's life. Gene's next question is about a rumored parking lot brawl between Macho Man & his father Angelo Poffo, and members of the Memphis territory. Superstar recalls that Thunderbolt Patterson & Pez Whatley were there, and Macho Man and his father were there, and Lanny was not involved. Thunderbolt walked up to Dundee to talk to him and Macho Man sucker-punched Superstar which started a brawl. Superstar proceeded to go to his Cadillac and get a certain item with the initials S & W on it (Smith & Wesson). When Superstar reached into his trunk, Angelo Poffo grabbed his arm and out came a gun, pointed at his face. Superstar goes on to tell the rest of the story, the words between himself and Angelo Poffo, Jerry Jarrett's reaction, the court case, Randy Savage and Memphis wrestling after the incident, and his relationship with Savage after this fateful day.

Who came up with the Sir William character in WCW? Bill Watts hired Steven Regal to be a wrestler. Steven Regal wasn't getting over, so Dusty suggested Larry Zybysko as Regal's butler, but Superstar suggested the Sir William idea and they went with it. He did play it down because he felt that his job as an agent backstage was more important and took up a lot of his time.

Incher asked a question from Playboy Don Douglas: Whose idea was it to shave Superstar's wife's head and did they regret it? Superstar tells the story of the angle and how it progressed, as well as a funny story about the barber who was too scared to shave her head in front of a heated Memphis crowd.

Did Superstar ever turn down any angle or feud? He said he did not. He mentioned a number of various gimmick matches that he and Dutch Mantel invented while in Memphis. He also mentioned a number of wrestlers he enjoyed working with due to their wrestling ability. He then gets into talking about the style of wrestling back in the day and the lack of ability and the inability to "work". He said he was never injured unless an angle called for it because everyone knew how to work in the territorial days. He also mentioned he never watches WWE, he never worked for the WWE, but he did once go to Vince McMahon's house to talk, but nothing came of it. Superstar said he had a lot of heat with many people up in Connecticut, and in the end Vince didn't need him and he didn't need Vince.

Rowdawg called in to ask: How did you like booking Mid-South as opposed to Memphis? Superstar went on to explain some of the different talent that he used in Mid-South as compared to Memphis, what the fans did and did not know, Bill Watt's style and philosophy, and big men vs. middleweights. He talks about a ton of different talent and how he drew money with them. Superstar also talks about Bill Watts and his relationship with him.

Weeble calls in and asks if The Honky Tonk gimmick was Superstar's idea? Superstar explains the gimmick, who had it first, Wayne Ferris, Handsome Jimmy Valiant, and who should get credit for The Honky Tonk Man gimmick. He also gets into talking about the Blonde Bombers, the Tupelo concession stand brawl, and a little bit about hardcore wrestling. When asked if he liked working better as a face or a heel, Superstar talks again about George Barnes and their start in Memphis, moving around the territories to refresh your character, and his love for the wrestling business regardless of what his job was at any point in his career.

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