Bill Dundee Talks Brawl With Randy Savage, Memphis Wrestling, Lawler, WWE & More

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Question about the ring rats in Memphis: No comment on ring rats, but this sets off Superstar on the golden era of wrestling in Memphis and how they did huge business and money between the 70's and early 90's. He talked about the huge ratings they got on TV, how the wrestlers were on par with some of the biggest names in show business, and how the wrestlers were treated like royalty everywhere they went.

Who did Superstar travel with? Bill Dundee talks about who he worked with, who he traveled with, all the different wrestlers, the difference between working and traveling as part of the office and being one of the wrestlers.

Superstar is asked about Jackie Fargo, and he gets into his relationship with Jackie and what it was like working with him. He then gets into talking about his book as well as other people's books. There is not a single lie or mistruth in Bill Dundee's book, says The Superstar, in his own colorful language. Every angle, every show, every payday, it is all chronicled in his autobiography.

Superstar is asked about the tan, muscular appearance of the current wrestlers in WWE. He gets on a roll talking about the current product as over-produced and nothing comparable to what they did in his hey-day. He mentions Jerry Springer and how Jamie Dundee was on it a few times and what he was told to do and not to do.

A surprise caller to the show is an old friend of Bill Dundee's and former IYH guest, Big Mama! You can hear Big Mama & Superstar Bill Dundee get reacquainted when you listen to the show!

Thoughts on Handsome Jimmy Valiant: Superstar says that Jimmy was much more laid back than his on-air character. Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee they are who they are, but Jimmy Valiant is a much calmer and tamer man behind the scenes.

William calls in and asks about the UWF Mid-South and NWA and the differences. Superstar talks more about Bill Watts, Verne Gagne, and the difference between working with the two, working for both of them, and who made more money for whom and why.

Thoughts on hardcore wrestling and ECW: He doesn't think the Tupelo concession stand inspired ECW and hardcore wrestling, as some people might think. In fact, Bill thought that guys like cactus Jack could not wrestle so they did crazy stunts instead. He talks about Paul Heyman and what he thinks of him as a talent, a booker, and as a "genius".

He talks about what it takes to be a genius in pro-wrestling. He explains why guys like Andy Kaufman lasted three months but Lawler & he lasted thirty years. He breaks down how things cannot go back to the way they were in years past, mainly because of technology and the internet.

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