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Here's the Ring Of Honor TV Tapings results from the Davis Arena in Louisville for October 1st, 2011. ROH taped four episodes here tonight in front of a crowd of between 400-500, which means the Davis arena was packed. Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness were the TV announcers, and they had the announce desk in front of what is normally the babyface entrance for OVW shows. The show took about four hours to complete, so it was a marathon as expected. There were delays between the matches, and some moments of confusion, but don't think this was near as bad in that department as the first set of tapings in Chicago. No super hot angles tonight, but a solid taping overall. ROH will be taping here in Louisville again on Saturday, November 5th. Female bodybuilder/part time lady pro wrestler Trina Thompson severed as the bikini wearing ring girl for these tapings.

The show began with Jim Cornette addressing the crowd.

1. The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) beat James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team titles

Dark match. The crowd was pretty into this match, which it being the opener helped that of course. The finish saw The Elite hit their double team spear spot on Bellagio to win it, and retain the tag titles. The match was fine.

2. T.J. Perkins beat Mike Mondo

Back and forth match. Perkins finally won it with a La Magistral Cradle. Should make for a decent TV match. Interesting that Mondo lost his first match as a ROH signed talent. No code of honor from Mondo.

Jim Cornette came back out, and was joined in the ring by The Briscoe Brothers. Cornette said he thought the All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) deserved another match against The Briscoe's, which will take place on ROH TV "next week", with the winner of that match being named the number one tag team title contenders, and going on to face Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin at Final Battle on December 23rd. The Briscoe's didn't like the idea, but started shouting they'd become 7 time tag team champions, and then they said "Man Up, and starting hitting each other to get fired up.

3. Jay Lethal vs Mike Bennett w/"Brutal" Bob Evans went to a 15 minute draw, so Lethal retains the ROH TV title

This was the TV main event for the first episode. This turned into a battle of attrition, but neither guy could get the win within 15 minutes, and the match ended in a draw. A good match, not great, but good.

4. Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini beat Kyle O'Reilly

Martini looks super thin nowadays, and he joined the announce booth for some of this match. Strong hit his gutbuster finisher, but O'Reilly kicked out. Strong though persevered and got the win with a running kick. This was a Hell of a good, and very hard hitting match. Easily one of the best matches of the night.

Michael Elgin came out during the post match, and all of The House of Truth beat on O'Reilly. Davey Richards ran out trying to make the save, with one boot on, and one barefoot, but was somewhat beaten down himself. Eddie Edwards ran out, and Richards and Edwards were finally able to beat The House of Truth down, at least to a degree. O'Reilly kicked a field goal into the crowd with Martini's "Book of truth".

It appeared during this melee that a staff member, a black guy who is a student at OVW, and occasionally referees, was legit injured. At least it looked that way. Appeared to be an ankle or a knee injury.

Jim Cornette came out and cut a promo on The House of Truth, and said they were being fined $2,500 a piece for their actions tonight. Then some "fans" along the front row started chanting for Kevin Steen. I'm pretty darn sure they were plants. Cornette cut a pormo on the Steen situation saying ROH cannot do business with Kevin Steen, due to all the problems that come with him, and if Steen doesn't like that, he can sue Cornette.

5. Tommaso Ciampa w/Prince Nana & Ernesto Osiris beat Alex Silva

Steve Cornio came out in a suit and joined the broadcast booth for this one. Silva is a young OVW wrestler that Jim Cornette has been somewhat high on. Ciampa got the win with a wicked version of a lung blower. Good brutal squash, though Silva got some stuff in.

6. The Briscoe Brothers(Mark and Jay) beat The All Night Express(Kenny King & Rhett Titus) to become the number 1 contenders to the ROH tag team titles

This was the second TV main event. For some reason a random football game played on the video screens during some of this match. The match was kinda on the flat side early, but really picked up greatly down the stretch. All kinds of big moves from both teams. The Briscoe's used a double team 'Rana spot off the top rope to win it, and become the top contenders to the ROH tag team titles.


7. Michael Hayes beat Mohmad Ali Vaez by DQ

Another dark OVW match here. Hayes is a one legged legit Iraq war hero. The ROH crowd seemed to give guys they didn't know a fair shake on this night, I've seen other nights here where they don't, and are kinda a-holes about it, but not tonight. They were fairly into this match, though it wasn't the best that Hayes and Vaez have had together. The finish saw Hayes have Vaez locked in a submission hold, but Vaez' partner Omar Akbar hit the ring and attacked Hayes for the DQ. The post match saw both Vaez and Akbar beat on Hayes, with Akbar pulling the prosthetic leg off Hayes, with both Vaez and Akbar then beating on Hayes with the fake leg. Vaez cut a promo over the fallen Hayes for their upcoming tag match here at the October 8th OVW Saturday Night Special. Hayes' tag partner for that match will be Cliff "Domino" Compton.

Jim Cornette got back in the ring, and said it has been decided that the challenger for the ROH World title at Final Battle will be Eddie Edwards. Edwards came to the ring. Edwards said he had a new trainer, but wouldn't reveal who it was. ROH World champion Davey Richards came out. Richards was cool to face Edwards again, but before that he wanted to team with Edwards next week to face The House of Truth. Edwards was cool with that, but did mention to Richards that when the "Next world champ" chants come up during that match, he'll know who they're talking about.

8. Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini & Roderick Strong beat Shiloh Jonze

Jonze is an OVW regular, and a decent worker. Good squash here, ending with Elgin hitting his spinning powerbomb.

9. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin beat Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman in a proving ground match

This was the third TV main event. Haas and Benjamin got the win in a little over 12 minutes with a double team powerbomb. Coleman and Alexander did some nice stuff, but also had some sloppy moments down the stretch. It appeared Alexander may have tweaked his knee in the latter stages of this match.

The post match saw the Briscoe Brothers come to the floor in street clothes and cut a promo on Haas and Benjamin.

10. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) beat The Bravado Brothers (Lance & Harlem)

The was the funnest match of the night, and easily the best "spotfest" of the night. Not an especially long match, but this was really clicking, these teams work extremely well together, with The Young Bucks pulling this one out. Should come off very well on TV.

Kevin Kelly got in the ring and brought out Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, who cut a promo on the Briscoe Brothers. The All Night Express came out and complained that nobody was talking about them.

Steve Corino cut a promo on the floor. Corino said he has been sorry for a year, but it didn't change someone's mind. Corino said he knows how to fix the problem. Corino said Jim Cornette has been avoiding him, but he only wants 5 minutes of Cornette's time.

11. The American Wolves(Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) beat The House of Truth(Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin) w/Truth Martini

This was the main event of the 4th episode taped tonight, and also the main event of this event, and what a way to close out the show this was. Edwards took the heat for a long time, and was seriously abused by The House of Truth. Elgin got a visual fall on Davey Richards, while referee Todd Sinclair was on the floor arguing with Truth Martini. Edwards then clamped a sleeper on Elgin on the mat, and knocked him out. Richards crawled on top of Elgin, and the ref got back in and counted three. Richards didn't see Edwards put Elgin's lights out, so he was confused after the match exactly how he won it. Awesome match, the best of the night. Should be noted that Roderick Strong was in both of the best matches on this show.

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