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Backstage John Lauranitis approaches Triple H and tells him that Miz and R-Truth had broken in. They run to a backstage area and Truth and Miz had laid out Air Boom. HHH had them thrown out and told Lauranitis that if this happened again, it would be his a--.

WWE Divas Title Match:
Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly (c)

Phoenix dominated the match for the opening minutes. Kelly was able to hit a hurricarana when Phoenix went for a powerbomb, but Phoenix quickly regained the advantage and continue to punish the champion until she missed a charge in the ropes. Kelly followed with a neckbreaker.

Moments later, Kelly hit a handspring back elbow and climbed to the top and planted Phoenix's face into the mat, but only got a two count. Natalya climbed up to the apron, but Eve pulled her off. Natalya proceeded to throw Eve in the ringside barrier. Back in the ring, Phoenix locked Kelly's legs and put her in a submission. Natalya grabbed the mic and was asking Kelly if she wanted to cry. Kelly made the ropes and Natalya nailed her with a mic. Phoenix followed up with the Glam-Slam and pinned Kelly to win the title.

Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly to become the NEW WWE Divas Champion

Both Phoenix and Natalya cried after the match.

A Vengeance promo aired featuring Mark Henry.

I am 5-0 with my predictions that I posted on my Twitter earlier today (twitter.com/RajGiri_303). We'll see if I make it 6-0 with the main event.

It's main event time!

Ricardo Rodriguez came out and introduced Alberto Del Rio, who came out first. CM Punk was out next, who got a big pop. Cena was out next, to his usual loud mixed reaction. The reactions were different during the ring introductions, as Punk, Cena and Del Rio were all booed.

Hell in a Cell for the WWE Title:
CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena (c)

Del Rio ran from the faces as the match started. Cena and Punk proceeded to double team Del Rio. Cena and Punk then kept pushing the other to the side as they traded turns beating up Del Rio in the corner. While Cena was landing punches on Del Rio, Punk rolled him up for a two count. Punk and Cena then went at it as Del Rio was in the corner.

Loud dueling "Let's Go Cena / CM PUNK!" chants, although there were some "Cena Sucks" chants as well. Punk got a laceration on his back, as he was bleeding on the right side of his back.

After the three men traded the advantage several times, Punk setup a table on the outside of the ring. Both Cena and Punk were on the apron and Punk nailed Cena with a running knee. Cena then pushed Punk into the cage. Back in the ring, and Del Rio nailed Cena with a chairshot to the gut and followed it with a back suplex on the chair, but only got a two count. Del Rio then hung Cena in a corner and worked him over with punches and kicks until he missed a charge in the corner post. Punk got back in the ring and knocked Cena out of the ring and covered Del Rio, but only got a two.

Punk followed up with kicks to Del Rio, but got planted with a clothesline and Del Rio got a near fall. Del Rio cinched in a chinlock, but John Cena landed a flying legdrop from out of nowhere that floored both Del Rio and Punk. Cena covered Del Rio for a two, and then covered Punk for another two count.

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