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Moments later, Cena was able to hit an AA on Punk but Del Rio broke up the pin. Del Rio then applied the cross arm-breaker on Cena, but Punk broke it up. Punk then hit the GTS on Cena, but Del Rio dragged him out of the ring at two and destroyed Punk outside the ring. Del Rio got back in the ring, but was small packaged for a two count. Del Rio then floored Cena with a clothesline and kicked him outside of the ring. Del Rio then threw Cena into the steps and then into the cage.

Punk got Del Rio in the cage and took control of the match. Punk planted Del Rio with the Macho Man flying elbow, but only got two. Cena got back in the ring and got rid of Del Rio. Cena then nailed Punk with a couple of shots and went for the five knuckle shuffle, but was met with a kick to the head. Punk climbed to the top but was pushed off the top by Del Rio through the table outside of the ring. Cena then locked in the STF on Del Rio. Ricardo sprung into action and unlocked the cage and got a lead pipe. Cena grabbed Ricardo and went for the AA on Ricardo outside of the cage, but Del Rio nailed him with the pipe. Del Rio then took the key and got back in the cage and locked the gate, essentially locking Cena out of the cell.

Back in the ring, Del Rio hit Punk with a german suplex for a two count. Del Rio continued to beat on Punk in the ring as Cena came to on the outside. Punk was able to mount a comeback and land a series of kicks and bulldog on Del Rio as Cena was trying to figure out how to get back in the cage. Punk landed a flying clothesline for another two. Cena tried to force open the cell door as Del Rio and Punk battled in the ring. Del Rio grabbed the pipe and clocked Punk over the head with it. Del Rio smiled at Cena while showing off the pipe. He proceeded to nail Punk with the pipe several more times before covering him and winning the match.

Alberto Del Rio defeated CM Punk and John Cena to become the new WWE Champion

After the match the cell raised and John Cena went in the ring. Miz and R-Truth then entered the ring dressed in hoods and put a beatdown on Cena and the referee. John Lauranitis and Triple H ran down to ringside, but the cell lowered and they couldn't get in. Truth and Miz continued the carnage in the ring while the entire WWE lockerroom came down to the cage and tried to get in. Police and an official with boltcutters ran down to the cage and were able to get the door open. Miz and Truth surrendered in the ring and were arrested by police. As police sent them to the back Triple H attacked them until officials tore him off. During the melee, Triple H shoved Lauranitis to the ground. The show ended with officials holding an irate Triple H back.

What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Sound off below.

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