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The Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara feud has killed the heat the Sin Cara had as there was no reaction to his entrance. Sin Cara (black mask) made his way to the ring with a slower, creepier version of Cara's original theme.

Sin Cara (Blue mask - Mistico) vs. Sin Cara (Black mask - Hunico)

Crowd is silent early on. Hunico dominated the early portion of the match with his size advantage. They then traded hitting the other with their signature moves. Mistico then hit a cool high flying armdrag to send Hunico to the outside, and followed up with a dive from the inside of the ring. He missed a moonsault outside the ring, and Hunico regained the advantage.

Later in the match, Mistico missed a flying splash from the top rope, but rolled through it and then hit a flip-powerbomb and won the match clean. Good match with some cool spots, hurt by the lack of crowd reaction.

Sin Cara (Blue mask - Mistico) defeated Sin Cara (Black mask - Hunico)

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