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WWE Divas Title Match:
Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly (c)

Phoenix dominated the match for the opening minutes. Kelly was able to hit a hurricarana when Phoenix went for a powerbomb, but Phoenix quickly regained the advantage and continue to punish the champion until she missed a charge in the ropes. Kelly followed with a neckbreaker.

Moments later, Kelly hit a handspring back elbow and climbed to the top and planted Phoenix's face into the mat, but only got a two count. Natalya climbed up to the apron, but Eve pulled her off. Natalya proceeded to throw Eve in the ringside barrier. Back in the ring, Phoenix locked Kelly's legs and put her in a submission. Natalya grabbed the mic and was asking Kelly if she wanted to cry. Kelly made the ropes and Natalya nailed her with a mic. Phoenix followed up with the Glam-Slam and pinned Kelly to win the title.

Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly to become the NEW WWE Divas Champion

Both Phoenix and Natalya cried after the match as they celebrated.

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