The third annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view featured a weak mid-card, but the main events stole the show and provided some of the best spots. It was more like "Heels in a Cell" as several WWE baddies got shining moments last night.

5. John Cena Gets Locked Out

John Cena entered the Triple Threat Match as the WWE Champion and many expected him to leave with the title in Superman fashion. A huge shocker came when Alberto Del Rio outsmarted Cena and kept him locked out of the Cell.

If only it was 1997 and he had Kane to come pull the door off its hinges. The lockout kept Cena from returning to the match and added a new unexpected factor as Del Rio and CM Punk battled for the WWE title.

4. Mark Henry Kicks Out at "One"

Mark Henry has been built up as an unstoppable machine and they helped prove this even more during his World Heavyweight Title match against Randy Orton. After Orton hit the RKO on Henry, many thought Henry's title reign was over, but Henry powered out of the move before the ref even reached a two count.

For a wrestler to get over a main event star's finishing move so easily is impressive, and it reminds me of the days when the Undertaker or the Ultimate Warrior would just pop-up after a devastating move. They are finally using a big wrestler in the right fashion and hopefully his "monster" run as champion continues.

3. Cody Rhodes Intercontinental Title

Rhodes has been on quite a run as the WWE Intercontinental Champion and it has only improved after the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Before his random match with John Morrison, Rhodes debuted the old school white strap Intercontinental Title.

Anything from 1990s WWE is a good thing and just seeing that title alone brings back memories of the Wrestlemania X ladder match and Shawn Michaels glory days. Hopefully Rhodes can do the belt justice and continue on as a leading champion.

2. Steel Pipe Beatdown

After numerous chair shots, cage smashes and DDTs on the steel steps, one weapon was introduced at the pay-per-view, the steel pipe. CM Punk already got smashed through a table, but that was only the beginning as Alberto Del Rio introduced a steel pipe to his skull.

It was a great ending to a great match, even though CM Punk deserves another title run.

1. R-Truth and The Miz Return

Almost anyone could have predicted the return of R-Truth and The Miz at Hell in a Cell, but at least they waited until the main event match ended unlike Night of Champions. The attack was made to look legitimate through referee attacks, knocked down cameras and the emergence of the WWE locker room.

The chaotic ending leaves viewers exactly where WWE wants them, preparing to watch the fallout on the WWE Raw the next night. Plus who wants to see Curtis Painter lead the Colts to an 0-4 start on Monday Night Football anyway.

Even if the gimmick pay per views are not the best idea, the main event and attack from R-Truth and The Miz made it the best out of the three.

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