Thanks to reader Rodney Este for sending in these detailed results from Tuesday's SmackDown! tapings in Biloxi, MS.

The show started with a recap of the walk-out on RAW. Teddy Long is on the phone and tells Zack Ryder that it was Triple H, who gave control of the show to Long to avoid another walk out.

Cody Rhodes, Vickie Guerrero, Jack Swagger, David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Christian and Wade Barrett are in the ring. They confirm that Otunga is their legal counsel. Everyone gets a little mic time, but ends with the message that Triple H has until Monday to step down as COO at Raw or everyone will boycott all WWE events. Alberto Del Rio comes out. Del Rio, Swagger, and Rhodes fuss at the audience to shut up and show respect.

Long comes out and announces that the main event for the evening will by Cody Rhodes and Christian vs. Sheamus and Randy Orton. He then says Del Rio will face Sin Cara, which is up next.

Del Rio defeats Sin Cara via submission with the cross arm-bar. After the match, Sin Cara 2 (black mask) comes out and attacks the original sin Cara.

Matt Striker interviews Air Boom, who say they'll only wrestle on Smackdown! as long as HHH is COO. Air Boom starts to make their way to the ring and are brutally attacked by Swagger and Ziggler. The match eventually starts and Kofi Kingston is beaten down for most of the match. Evan Bourne is eventually tagged in, but falls to defeat at the hands of Swagger and Ziggler.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya come to the ring. Alicia Fox came in and was very quickly defeated by Phoenix. She was then put in a submission move by Phoenix while Natalya took the mic and asked her to cry and scream.

The Big Show comes out to a huge pop and says that he is very thankful for the support of the crowd. He talks about watching the video of him being injured. He gets choked up over the support of the crowd and then says he watched the video and was angry and vowed vengeance on Mark Henry. Henry comes out and he and Show go back and forth (Show in the ring, Henry at the top of the ramp). At first Show said he wanted a title match and wanted an answer very soon. Henry said he didn't deserve it. They left, then Show came back out (an apparent re-shoot of the segment) and said he wanted an answer by end of night.

Striker is backstage interviewing Orton.

Jinder Mahal comes out and speaks in Punjabi. Ezekiel Jackson then comes to ring and puts finger to Mahal's mouth to hush him. Mahal keeps talking and Ezekiel smacks him across face. They wrestle for a few minutes, ending with Ezekiel defeating Mahal via pinfall.

Backstage segment of John Laurinaitis saying that he supported Teddy Long. Laurinaitis puts his arm around Teddy, who looks at Laurinaitis with a look of suspicion.

Hornswoggle is introduced and Booker T enters the ring. They do spin-a-roonies. The screen doesn't show the WWE logo, so I doubt this will air.

Rhodes and Christian come out (separately) to pretty strong boo's from the crowd. Sheamus comes out to a nice pop. Orton is out next, and the arena explodes. Nice back and forth match, with Orton RKO'ing Rhodes out of nowhere to win the match. After the match both Orton and Sheamus both greeted ringside fans and signed autographs.

In the final segment, Mark Henry entered the ring and said "No" to Big Show's request for a match. Henry said that Show didn't deserve a title shot, etc. Show hit the ring and attacked Henry by spearing him. Show keeps attacking until the security team comes and pulls him off. Show then annihilated the security crew, one by one.

Show goes after Henry again, who is able to gain the advantage and sling Show into the guard rail. Henry then took the cover off of the announce table and sets it up. Henry dragged Show to the table, but Show reverses and slams Henry through the table. Show then puts Henry's ankle in a folding chair. Then he drags the ring stairs over and climbs them and is setting up to jump on the chair around Henry's ankle. Teddy Long comes out to say that Big Show will get a title match, but not if he follows through with jumping on Henry. Show thinks about it, then retreats. Henry sells it really well, even falling on his knees at the top of the stage when he left the ring.

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