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-- Jim Cornette introduced The Briscoes. Cornette said this was the first time they've seen each other since the State Athletic Commission in New York City fined them $5000. The Briscoes said that money could have bought a lot of beer and bullets, but money is money and you can't take it with you. They said the important thing is that they want the belts that they made famous back and they want to know when Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin would stop being cowards.

Cornette said that they will not get the title shot because you can't reward what they did last time. So, Cornette will compromise. The Briscoes will fight the All Night Express and the winners will become the top contenders. Jay Briscoe cut an awesome promo on how they beat the Express in different matches and said they are the Briscoes' b---h. Cornette told them to watch their language because they are on broadcast TV. The Briscoes warned everyone to man up because they are coming for their belts.

- Andy Ridge vs. Tomasso Ciampa (with Prince Nana): Ciampa controlled Ridge early with a lot of suplexes. Ridge refused to cowtow to him and they battled outside on the apron, exchanging stiff kicks and chops. Ciampa sent Ridge down hard to the floor. Back in the ring, Ciampa worked over Ridge. Ridge came back with a cutter, leaping over the ropes to nail it.

Ciampa came back with a series of stomps and a running boot to the face. Ciampa set up Ridge and nailed the running powerbomb over his knees. The crowd popped for that.

Your winner, Tomasso Ciampa Ciampa!

Good back and forth match. They let Ridge show some fire but still showcased Ciampa!

-- Nigel McGuinness tried to get a fan prediction on the next match but instead the fan demanded ROH bring back Kevin Steen. Nigel called him a "Helen Hunt." I don't know why but that cracked me up.

- ROH champion Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong: They faced off nose to nose before the bell. Big reaction to Richards from the fans. They locked up and ended up in the ropes. Richards broke clean. They locked up again. Strong began working over Richards' arm. They ended up in the ropes and Strong slapped Richards when they broke. They went back and forth. Strong ducked a kick.

Richards and Strong went back and forth on the mat with some good wrestling early. Richards caught Strong hard with a dropkick and went for an anklelock but was kicked out of the ring. They had a strong back and forth sequence. Richards went for a dive but Strong cut him off. They brawed on the outside.

Strong was whipped into the railing. Richards stalked him on the outside before they returned to the ring. Strong snapped Richards over the ropes and stomped him hard in the corner. Richards fought Strong off and went to the top but Strong leapt up and kneed him oin the face. Richards fell backwards into the ring, where he was covered for a two count.

Strong began nailing Richards with chops and forearms. They ended up slugging it out with forearms and chops. Strong nailed a dropkick to the face. Strong peppered Richards with a number of strikes but it only pissed off Richards, who nailed a nasty German suplex on Strong.

Richards worked over Strong, including a running boot to the face while on the apron. Richards drilled Strong with an insane dive to the floor. I thought he was going to sail into the crowd. Richards nailed a beautiful missile dropkick for a two count.

Richards continued to pummel Strong with some awesome striking and wrestling. Strong came back with a running clothesline. Richards caught him with a rolling back pinfall attempt and then a leaping kick. They battled back and forth with sick offense on the apron. Strong nailed a back suplex on the apron. The crowd is loving this one.

They battled back and forth with strikes until Richards clobbered Strong with a clothesline. They went back and forth with disgustingly brutal strikes and kicks. Richards and Strong exchanged kicks and chops in the corner. The crowd was totally in love with it. Strong came back with a gut buster for two count. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."

Strong went for a suplex but Richards kneed him in the air. Richards hit a charging knee in the corner. He pulled up Strong for a superplex and nailed it, then rolled through for a suplex. Strong kicked up. Richards locked on the anklelock. Strong fought to escape. Truth Martini distracted the referee. Richards drilled him with a stiff kick and whipped him hard into the buckle. Martini took the Flair flop.

They went back and forth with lots of awesome wrestling until finally Strong was forced to tap with the ankle lock.

Your winner and still ROH champion, Davey Richards!

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