Several WWE Superstars and Divas have took to Twitter over the past 24 hours to comment on the solidarity rally planned for tonight's RAW Supershow. Here are some of their comments:

John Morrison: "#OccupyRAW today! We are the 55 who are tired of doing work that the top 1% of the WWE payroll unjustly profit from #HealthInsurance?"

Tyler Reks: "Maybe I can find some Ricky-O Rally Towels to wave around at this rally today… #NeverTooSoonInThisBusiness"

Mark Henry: "A few miles from Okla city an the picketing will start. We don't have these problems on smackdown."

Curt Hawkins: "Got something special to wear to the rally today/night. I'm real excited to get this party started. #DownWithHHH #NoConfidence #RAW"

Christian: "On my way to Oklahoma City tonight we turn Raw 'Inside Out'"

Eve Torres: "There is a Solidarity Rally in OKC tomorrow. What would you like to see from The COO for the Divas? *cough* More time to tell our stories?"

Zack Ryder: "Solidarity Rally at RAW… In my head it's #RyderOrRiot"

Vickie Guerrero: "Look out for the Solidarity Rally tomorrow on Monday Night Raw! 55 people walked out on Triple H. Stronger in #ers"

Wade Barrett: "I'm not sure how safe this solidarity rally planned for Raw is. I commend the brave souls who have already committed to the protest. I'm undecided on my attendance at the rally. These are worrying times. To the brave protesters, I say this: Never give up."

Beth Phoenix: "i have my signs ready with my message written loud n clear."

John Morrison: "Wonder if HHH & his stooges will try to censor our signs at the #Rally like they censor signs at RAW/Smackdown TV tapings… HHH's stooges are anyone who didn't walk out last week on RAW- I hope Cena/Punk/Sheamus/Orton man up and join our rally on Monday"

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