Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

Rhodes interfered and Henry got Orton up for the World's Strongest Slam. Orton slipped out and nailed Henry with an RKO. Orton went for the cover, but Rhodes hit the ring to break up the count and get Henry DQ'd.

After the match, Rhodes beat up Orton, but Orton was able to turn the tide and deliver a beating to Rhodes. Henry recovered and planted Orton with two World's Strongest Slams and left. Rhodes re-entered the ring, got Orton up and hit Cross Rhodes. He had an attendant run to the ring with a paper bag, which Rhodes put on Orton's head. Rhodes then took the mic, who said that if you cut the head off of a viper, then all the venom goes with it. Rhodes asks Orton if he'd like a receipt with his paper bag, and then laughs hysterically before leaving the ring.

Del Rio vs. Punk is hyped for later tonight.

Kelly Kelly going ape sh-t last week is shown.

Kelly Kelly and Eve vs. Tamina and Rosa Mendes

Lots of botches spots when it was Rosa vs. Kelly. Match was better once Tamina tagged in. The story of the match was the Kelly was the most aggressive she's ever been. Eve hit Tamina with a moonsault and got the pin to win the match for her team. Beth Phoenix and Natalya are looking on backstage, unimpressed.

John Laurinaitis heads to the ring and the divas exit. Laurinaitis takes the mic and asks for a little respect and wants the crowd to bear with him because he's nervous. He said that at Vengeance, Alberto Del Rio will defend the title against John Cena. Laurinaitis said that he's ethical and has balls, and asks Jim Ross to enter the ring. Uh oh, they're in Oklahoma, time for the mandatory JR humiliation. Laurinaitis said that last week JR walked out on Triple H and the fans, and that makes him a "redneck Oklahoma ingrate." He then proceeds to fire JR. He was only back for what, five weeks? JR must hate when RAW goes to Oklahoma. JR shakes Lawler's hand and heads to the back.

Back from commercial and Mason Ryan is heading to the ring. Air Boom is out next, with new and improved music.

Mason Ryan and Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and David Otunga

The end of the match saw Swagger plant Bourne with a power bomb. Ryan knocked him out of the ring and then hit Ziggler with a sidewalk slam to get the win for his team.

Another promo for Brodus Clay airs.

The trailer for John Cena's new movie The Reunion aired.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio and his match with Punk is up next.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

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