Ricky Morton from The Rock N' Roll Express joined Doug Mortman and Dave Lagreca on Busted Open this past Monday to promote his match at the AWE PPV this Saturday. Morton and Robert Gison -- The Rock-n-Roll Express -- will face Kevin Nash and a mystery partner at the show. Here are some highlights:

On Kevin Nash: "You know in this business sometimes you got to make a statement. And I made one to Marvin Ward. That's why he was going to bring a mystery partner for Kevin Nash, but understand it's no longer a mystery partner for Kevin Nash. It's me and Kevin Nash alone in an 'I Quit' match. Some people might say that Ricky Morton really stuck his foot in his mouth this time, but it's alright guys. It's what I do for a living. I mean I know that Kevin Nash is a 7-foot monster, but I stand up for something that nobody's ever going to understand unless you've been in this business. And I'm not going to insult anybody there. OK? Don't get me wrong, I'm not. Kevin knows what it's all about. I know what it's all about. And it will all come out at the Pay-Per-View. But understand me. It's Marvin Ward thinking that he's going to get back even with me whether I be in there alone with Kevin, but dude let me tell ya'. It's not my first rodeo show. I've been there and done it before."

The Midnight Express: "Most of the time it's like going on a blind date. I never know what I'm gonna' get, but back in our days when we wrestled, everybody were great workers. For reasons I don't understand, and I didn't want to know because I don't dig into people's personal lives. It's none of my business. But we had a great run with Dennis & Bobby. . It was a great angle because it was Express' against Express'. Bobby Eaton, without a doubt, one of the top workers ever in this business. For his time and era, he was unbelievable. Dennis Condrey was a professional in this business. I grew up with a lot of guys in this business, but Dennis Condrey is one of the few that raised me in this business. And I'm going back to the concept again about the boys. We didn't have contracts back in those days and when Stan Lane come in, all we had was each other, and we had to depend on each other to make a living. Between Dennis & Stan, they were great tremendous, both workers. And I got to hand my hat off to Stan Lane because whatever happened for Dennis to leave, when Stan Lane stepped in, they didn't miss a step. You see, that's being a great worker. That's being something that nobody under…unless you're in this business, understands. To fill the boots of Dennis after all the heat between The Midnight Express & The Rock N' Roll Express that was put over on TV. Then Stan Lane come in and filled those boots, and we didn't miss a beat. We sold out arenas every week because we gave his fans what they wanted to see buddy."

On Shawn Michaels: "I started this business with Robert Gibson & I. I wasn't going to leave without him, and I don't know if you understand what I mean by that. I had that opportunity, but when it comes to Shawn Michaels, and don't take me wrong about this, and I'm not trying to insult you. But to me, when Shawn Michaels did this (The Rockers), it was a great compliment to me. Shawn Michaels besides that is one of the top greatest workers of this business. I give him credit for that. There's no heat between me and Shawn. To me, it was a great compliment. The thing that goes back between me regretting what I've done, and what I didn't do? No buddy, I would not turn that page back again in history because decisions are made. For The Rock N' Roll Express was for Robert and I both. I had that opportunity, but like I told you earlier, I started this business with Robert Gibson as The Rock N' Roll Express, and I'm just like it is buddy, I leave no one behind."

The current direction of pro wrestling: "What I think is lacking is how the ratings fail because they try to capture the next generation so quick, their audience can look for the future of their company. What they forgot about is the old wrestlers because you know how many old wrestling fans you have out there that don't watch TV no more because they don't understand really what they're putting their input into. I do, I watch WWE wrestling. The writers, or whatever they do, they do a tremendous job. A lot of times they try to put a lot of burden on for somebody to take this position and ride on it, but they put too much burden on their shoulders because that person's not ready yet. And it brings it down, I'll say this, I don't care, ya' know, but in their corporate business, because I don't know if you compare it with that business that's down South, you turn a pot of gold into a pile of doo-doo. But Vince has still got a lot of good talent there. I hear everybody's opinions all out across the world what they could do better. I mean it's good they got guys there, but don't put people in positions to run this company that think they know everything about our business and they don't. I was in an era before all this, and..cuz' my kids they're big wrestling fans and they love to watch WWE. That's the reason I watch. I watch it because in this business here, no matter who you are, you always can learn something new every day. And I like it, so that's the way, my point of view of professional wrestling today."

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