2011 has seen walkouts in the NFL, NBA, Wall Street and in the past previous weeks, the WWE. What could have been an innovative and extended story turned into a confusing, rushed segment that led to no changes, swerves and a disappointing WWE Raw cliff-hanger. Several factors led to the walkout failure in what could have been a great storyline to follow.

Superstars Missing

At the initial walkout, the WWE locker room surrounded the ring and made their complaints to Triple H. Notably missing from the roster were John Cena and CM Punk. They explained their reasons on WWE Raw a week later and chose to stay, but the walkout would have been more impactful if they were present and left with the rest of the roster.

Nobody really cares if Primo walks out on WWE Raw, did anybody even know that he was still a part of the roster? John Cena would have had a big impact, especially on the young fans who still believe these stories are real.

After the walkout occurred, Triple H should have taken a step further. WWE Raw title holders like Alberto Del Rio and Air Boom should have been stripped of the straps if they chose to walkout. Instead, they appeared the next night on WWE Smackdown with titles in hand.

Fake Wrestlers

On this Monday's WWE Raw, Triple H mentioned wrestling a broomstick and there was a short match between Sheamus and John Cena, but they should have taken the walkout one step further.

Remember the days of Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon? WWE should have repeated that and used development stars as quick replacements like Ralph Ziggler, Alberto Del Taco or Kofi Queenston. Instead, the walkout ended within 10 minutes of the next episode, making it pointless.

Other novelties could have worked too. For example, a "fan" could have picked from the crowd to wrestle like Santino Marella first did. Triple H could have brought out an old friend like X-Pac to help compete. There were endless situations that could have propelled the two hours until the stars finally returned at the end of WWE Raw instead of a rushed resolution.

Rushed Pay Per Views

One of the main reasons for the rushed walkout was the rushed build up to the WWE Vengeance pay per view event. Instead of putting together a half-assed card, WWE should have just canceled this event months ago and left a multi-week build-up to The Rock's return at Survivor Series.

This would have helped the walkout make more sense and help build bigger feuds for the event. Instead fans will see Triple H and CM Punk team up when they could have joined The Rock and John Cena for a much bigger tag team event and tension-filled anticipation between the four stars.

Now instead of enjoying the walkout, I'll just walkout on ordering the next pay per view and wait for Survivor Series instead.

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