Gail Kim Live Shoot Tonight, Duggan Autobiography, More

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Gail Kim Live Shoot Tonight, Duggan Autobiography, More

-- Hacksaw: The Jim Duggan Story, written by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Duggan and Scott Williams, is set to be released by Triumph Books in April 2012.

-- WWNLive sent out the following today…

The first ever live, interactive shoot interview will be broadcast on worldwide live iPPV tonight at at 8pm EST. The subject will be former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Gail Kim. She will finally break her silence after quitting WWE when she eliminated herself from a battle royal on Raw. If Kim has the guts to do that, just imagine what she'll say tonight on live iPPV. The Hot Zone live shoot series starts tonight!

Order now at for just $12.95. This shoot will also be available at On Demand, which means if you purchase it you can watch it as many times as you want forever. There is no editing. There is no taking anything back. This is a live shoot by this outspoken personality.

The interview will start with Kim discussing her entire career, including everything that led to her walking out of WWE on live TV. You can ask follow up questions during this part of the interview via the chat room or on Twitter @BookItGabe. Once Kim gives all the scoops, we'll turn the interview over to you. Ask anything you want! This is live iPPV so who knows what will happen.

Here's just a few of the questions that we'll ask Gail tonight when she walks into The Hot Zone at at 8pm Eastern Time:

-What made you go into wrestling?

-Did you have a problem with the guys coming onto you when you were breaking in?

-How did WWE discover you?

-Did they make you a fair contract offer at first?

-Before going to WWE, you spent almost a year in OVW. What did you think of the training system in OVW?

-What were some of the most valuable things you learned in OVW?

-Who was the best and worst teacher in OVW?

-What were your first impressions of WWE?

-What were your first impressions of Vince McMahon??

-Did the women's division seem like a priority to the McMahons and writers?

-Who was most helpful to you, both learning in the ring and dealing with life on the road outside the ring?

-Was there anyone that was making life difficult for you?

-What did you think when they told you that you were winning the WWE Women's Championship in your first night?

-Did you think it was a good idea?

-Did it create any jealousy with the other women?

-What was Trish Stratus? like to work with?

-What was Lita like to work with?

-What was Molly Holly like to work with?

-In late 2004 you were released, was it a shock to you? Did you see it coming?

-Why do you think you were released?

-Do you think WWE made the most of your abilities during that first run?

-What led to you going to TNA?

-What were your first impressions of TNA?

-How was TNA different than WWE?

-What were your first impressions of Dixie Carter?

-What were your first impressions of Vince Russo??

-What did you think of being put as the manager of Americas Most Wanted and Jeff Jarrett??

-Did they like the idea and how were they to work with?

-Do you think TNA favors ex-WWE stars over their own homegrown talent?

-Were you impressions of Dixie Carter and Vince Russo changing at all as you spent more time in TNA?

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