- The Wrestling Revolution project started tapings yesterday at the Henson Studios in Los Angeles.

- There were 20 matches taped over the course of day.

- The studio was designed to look like a modern day version of "Wrestling At the Chase" with a chandelier hanging and the fans in attendance grouped at tables while watching matches.

- Former WWE star Shawn "Gavin" Spears was pulled from the tapings, due to VISA issues. Spears is from Canada.

- Prince Devitt did not work the tapings, one story going around says it was due to VISA issues, while another says that New Japan pulled him from he shows.

- Chris Hero and Brian Cage were brought in to replace them.

- Jeff Katz had noted on Twitter tat the first season debuts next year, and that it will not be known as Wrestling Revolution.

- Lance Storm and Tommy Dreamer ran the backstage production, and word is that the tapings went smoothly.

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