Full Transcript Of Hulk Hogan On Howard Stern

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Full Transcript Of Hulk Hogan On Howard Stern

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Gary told Howard that Hulk had to be out of there by 7:50. Howard had him bring him in. Howard said Hulk had spinal surgery for 9 hours. Hulk said it was actually 12 hours. Howard said wrestling is brutal on the body. He said that you get slammed and things like that. Hulk said that he's never had a match where he didn't get hurt.

Hulk said he had a bunch of pictures on his phone that he wanted him to see. He said there are some naked people on there. He jokingly said that they were all of Bubba the Love Sponge. Hulk showed Howard the pictures of his back from 7 months ago. He said he has a battery in his back and a steel plate in there.

Howard asked if he ran out of money. Hulk said that he had a divorce and a civil case where hew as sued for $60 million. Hulk said he's not wrestling. He's just part of this ''Bound for Glory'' wrestling event.

Howard asked Hulk if he's doing this for Vince McMahon. Hulk said they're not. He said Vince does PG wrestling and this stuff is a little different. Hulk said that some people think he should have worked for Vince his whole life. He said he did some other stuff with other people though.

Howard asked Hulk if he thinks he's the biggest wrestler of all time. Hulk was the only wrestler to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Hulk said that is true. He said in the late 80s and early 90s the government was looking into the business and it pulled that all apart. He said he went off and did some other things and didn't think he'd get back into wrestling. He said he did work with Ted Turner and some other people. He said that he went his own way.

Howard said Hulk estimates that he has gone through hundreds of millions of dollars. Hulk said he and his wife shared in that. He said that they built this mansion and he never wanted to save. He said he ended up wrestling into his 50s instead of saving his money. He said he wanted to retire at 39 or so. He said he was set until the divorce and the civil case. Howard said he understands that his son screwed up and this other kid was badly injured. Howard asked why Hulk had to pay. Hulk said that they have settled. Howard asked if his son was 18. hulk said he was 17 when it happened. Howard said if your child is allowed to drive at 16 then the parent shouldn't be responsible. Howard said you have to assume the kid is a good kid. Hulk said it comes down to this. He said that the insurance settles with the family. If you're a celebrity then there's a civil suit.

Hulk said he's fine now and he's back working again. He said he got married to Jennifer who Howard has met. Howard said he did meet her. Robin asked Hulk if he's having sex with just her. Hulk jokingly said that it's him, Jennifer and Bubba. Howard asked what's going on with Bubba. Hulk said at the end of the day he's got his own opinion. He said that Heather is really nice and he hopes that they end up back together. hulk said Bubba was a great father to the kids and they had the most beautiful family. He said he stayed in their house for a few months and he saw how things were. He said that they were great and it was killing him how well they got along.

Hulk said he feels that they grew apart because Bubba is working so hard. He said that he works many hours a day and he's gone a lot. He said that they end up going in their own directions. Hulk said it's easy to undermine someone who works that many hours a day. Howard asked if there was any cheating going on. Hulk said he doesn't know but he doubts it. Howard said Bubba was posting stuff on Twitter the other day and it was all very cryptic.

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