Source: The Miami Herald

The Miami Herald has an interview with Bobby Roode, who faces Kurt Angle in the main event of Bound For Glory this Sunday. Here are some highlights:

On Sunday's match with Kurt Angle: "This is probably the most important match I've ever had in my life, in my career. No question. The possible outcome of becoming a world champion and the press that has covered this the last few weeks, leading into Bound for Glory, with Hulk Hogan promoting it on ESPN. Just everything, the promotion part of it, the hype behind it; being able to main event this huge, huge show obviously is the biggest thing that's ever happened in my career. If I happen to win that world title, it's going to be something very special."

On the future of Beer Money: "We had a great run the last four years and really solidified our names with some of the greatest tag teams of all-time. I think James and I knew the day would come that we would go our separate ways, but that's not to say Beer Money will never reunite and have another great run. I think now James and I are at the point in our careers that we're ready to step outside tag team wrestling and prove to the world, what we've known all along, that we're true main eventers, and we can go toe-to-toe with anybody in the world. I think we're getting that opportunity right now."

On his singles run before Beer Money: "That was a different time in our company, four years ago. I had been in Team Canada. They split us up, and I was just getting my feet wet as the company was trying to build me up as a singles guy a Wall Street tycoon, the money guy, the hottest free agent in pro wrestling. There were doing a lot of different things with me, and I remember my first feud was with Eric Young, and it lasted like 10 or 11 months. It was one of those things where I was getting a singles push, but it wasn't a main event push.

"There was a time that came where there wasn't a lot creatively that they were going to do with me and the same with James. So they put us together, and we put our heads together and made it work. At the time, we weren't happy with the decision to go back and tag, because he just came out of a tag team situation as well [America's Most Wanted with Wildcat Chris Harris]. He was kind of floating around in the heavyweight division, singles division like I was. Looking back on it, we both had great attitudes at the time to make Beer Money work. We really got ourselves over. It wasn't supposed to be a long term thing, but here we are four years later and four times world tag team champions and probably one of the greatest tag teams of all-time."

The future of Fortune if he wins the title: "I think it's important on a very high level. If I happen to win the world title, it gives us a fresh face [on top], something very new to our company. It opens up a lot of doors for some new main event matches, some new combinations the fans may have never seen before. I really think that I can add a lot to the main event picture. I've always believed in myself to be a champion, and hopefully this Sunday I won't let anybody down, and there will be a changing of the guard, and I'll be able to carry this company to a new level."

Much more is contained in the interview, you can check it out by clicking here.

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