-- Booker T is advertised for some SmackDown! TV tapings on WWE's Live Events website beginning on 11/01/11. No one knows for sure if this means he will return to the ring since ring announcers are not usually advertised.

-- WWE have registered to trademark "WWE Supercharge," which could be the name for a new show. They have also applied for "Afterburn," which was a syndicated show several years back. It could still be produced in some international markets.

-- According to Jason Houlihan: "On Friday night I was in Toronto for the Toronto Argonauts and Calgary Stampeders CFL football game and there was a very special guest on hand Bret "The Hit Man" Hart. He appeared on the sidelines with the team mascot Jason (you know, Jason & the Argonauts) and the fella (whose name escapes me at the moment) who does the sidelines/promotional entertainment material between plays or commercials.. In two segments he had the promotional fella in the Sharpshooter while he was promoting a couple things. Both times you can see Jason nodding and tapping on the ground. All of this was shown on the Jumbotron. I may have missed why Bret was there but he was signing autographs in another section of the Rogers Centre during the game. Bret received an excellent pop each time he appeared on the Jumbotron for those segments. A VERY cool surprise. There are pictures on the Arognauts website under the "sights and sounds" tab."

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