TNA Bound for Glory Opener:

We go right into things with shots of Philadelphia, and Mike Tenay talking a bit about the history of the city. This takes us right into a video package highlighting the history of TNA, especially the events of the past few years with Hulk Hogan, as well as some of the main feuds heading into tonight.

There's no pyro, but Mike Tenay still welcomes us to the show and begins hyping the two big main events tonight of Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle, as well as Sting vs. Hogan.

Tenay and Taz sell the importance of tonight's event, saying that it will shape the direction that the company will be heading in from here on out. They run down a couple of the other matches, and this leads us right into the X Division Championship match. Brian Kendrick's music hits, and the former champion makes his way out to the ring to a decent reaction from the crowd.

TNA X Division Championship Match
- Austin Aries (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

The bell rings, and we're ready to kick things off. Both men circle each other for just a bit before locking up. Aries goes right for Kendrick's arm, but Kendrick is able to turn things right around. Aries changes things up again, and both men end up on either side of the ring staring the other down. Aries locks in a side head lock, but Kendrick takes him right to the ropes and launches him off, only to go down to a shoulder block. Aries runs across the ring but he's surprised with a hip toss from Kendrick. Kendrick takes Aries over four times with a side head lock, but Aries keeps countering, only to have Kendrick counter right back. Kendrick hits a drop kick and Aries bails to the floor to jaw with the fans a bit. When Aries gets to the apron he's surprised with a kick from Kendrick that sends him to the outside. Kendrick launches himself over the ropes on top of Aries before sending Aries into the ring and following with a cross body from the top for a near fall. Kendrick monkey-flips Aries out of the corner, then hits another. Kendrick down for a third but Aries hold on to the ropes and follows up with a sick clothesline.

Aries picks Kendrick up and slams him to the mat hard before going to the apron and sling-shotting himself in on top of Kendrick, and following up with a huge elbow drop. Kendrick tries to fight back but he's dropped by a back elbow from Aries that's good for another near fall. Aries rakes Kendrick's face with his boots, then does it a second time.

Aries sits Kendrick up and drops a big knee right into Kendrick's back before locking in a rear chin lock. Kendrick is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, but Kendrick takes him right back down with a big judo-style leg sweep. Aries plays to the crowd before trying for his pendulum elbow, but Kendrick catches him with a boot to the face instead. Kendrick hits a couple of flying forearms, and a couple of enzugiris, but when he goes for a third Aries avoids it. Kendrick is able to connect with a double sledge to the back of Aries' head for a two count. Kendrick goes to the top turnbuckle and leaps over Aries. Aries puts Kendrick down to the mat and hits the pendulum elbow for another two count.

Aries goes for his corner dropkick, but Kendrick gets his feet up, then follows up with a giant tornado DDT for a two count. Kendrick goes for sliced bread, but Aries fights it off and sends Kendrick to the outside. Aries launches himself to the outside with the heat seeking missile. He sends Kendrick back into the ring and catches him in the corner with a couple of elbows. Aries backs away to the other corner and hits his signature corner dropkick. Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Kendrick is able to fight it off and gets a near fall. Kendrick kicks Aries hard and goes for the sliced bread, but Aries seats him on the turnbuckle instead. Aries goes for something, but he takes too much time and Kendrick connects with sliced bread, but Aries is able to grab the ropes to break the pin.

Kendrick tries for sliced bread on the apron, but Aries tosses him off to the floor instead. While Kendrick struggles back into the ring Aries catches him with a kick to the head. Aries hits the corner dropkick, then the brainbuster, and pins Kendrick for the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries

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