Tracy Brooks is shown backstage hanging out with Karen Jarrett's kids. Karen is angry that Brooks is playing with her kids, then tells her to put her breasts away. Jarrett pulls out a referee's outfit, and it looks like she will be reffing the Knockout's match tonight. Brooks isn't pleased, and asks why they can't have a normal match. Brooks and Jarrett argue, but they end with the understanding that Brooks won't be leaving the locker room unless something happens to Karen.

Full Metal Mayhem
- Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

We get a video package detailing the history between these two men, as well as more recent events that have led up to this match.

The bell rings and we get a bit of an 'ECW' chant from the crowd. Lynn goes behind RVD with a waistlock, and it's quickly turned around. Lynn turns it around yet again and RVD hits a couple of back elbows. Lynn tries for a roll up but RVD goes for Lynn's arm instead. Both men struggle, but back off and stare each other down. RVD works over Lynn with a couple of quick clotheslines and a big spinning kick in the corner. Van Dam poses for the crowd and goes for rolling thunder, but Lynn meets him with a dropkick instead. RVD sends Lynn into the corner but eats a kick. Lynn tries for a tornado DDT but RVD blocks it. Lynn tries for a reverse DDT but RVD blocks that as well. Lynn and RVD trade forearms. We get a bit of back and forth between both men that ends in a very sloppy cross body from Lynn. RVD hits a leg drop while Lynn is draped over the apron and both men tumble to the outside.

RVD tries to whip Lynn into the guard rail but it's reversed. RVD catches Lynn with a boot to the face, but when he goes for a moonsault from the guard rail, Lynn moves and RVD crashes to the floor. Lynn goes under the ring and grabs a ladder, sending it into the ring. RVD attacks Lynn from behind and sends him back into the ring. RVD goes under the ring and grabs a chair, but Lynn dropkicks the ladder, sending it right into RVD's face. Lynn goes to the outside and sends RVD into the ring, following with the chair in hand. Lynn drops the chair on the mat. Lynn tries to send RVD into the corner but RVD reverses. RVD hits a moonsault press that connects and send both men down on top of the chair.

RVD chokes Lynn with his boot in the corner before he grabs the chair again. RVD holds the chair and runs to the corner, putting it in front of his feet and hitting a corner dropkick to a seated Lynn. RVD sets up the ladder in the corner and whips Lynn into it hard. The ladder falls on top of Lynn, so RVD follows up with a rolling thunder to the ladder that's still on top of Lynn. RVD goes for the cover but he can still only get two.

RVD does a weird backflip for no reason, only to grab a chair, and he's taken out by Lynn as soon as he grabs the chair. Lynn sets up the ladder, propping it against the middle rope. Lynn pushes RVD down on the ladder hard, then goes for a senton, but RVD moves out of the way and Lynn connects with the ladder. Lynn is able to come back with a bridging German suplex for another two count. Lynn tries to suplex Van Dam on the chair, but it's reversed and RVD suplexes Lynn onto the ladder before springboarding off middle rope and launching himself into Lynn, who's still on the ladder.

RVD sends Lynn into the corner, but when RVD comes in after him, he leaps from the middle rope with a big clothesline. Lynn goes back to the outside and grabs another chair, propping it up on the guard rail. Lynn goes back to RVD, but he's clotheslined back into the ring. RVD teases a suplex out of the ring on to the ladder, but Lynn reverses into a sunset bomb, planting RVD on the ladder. Lynn sends RVD back into the ring and goes for the pin but he's still only able to get two.

Lynn tries to waffle RVD with the chair, but RVD ducks and kicks the chair hard into Lynn's face, getting another two count for his troubles. RVD picks up the ladder and wedges it in between the middle and bottom rope in the corner with Lynn behind it. RVD grabs the chair and goes up to the top rope. RVD launches himself off the turnbuckle with a coast to coast dropkick, putting his feet into a chair, into a ladder, into Lynn's face! RVD pins Lynn while he's still under the ladder, and gets the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

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