JB is backstage with Bully Ray. Ray says he doesn't need any introduction because we all know who he is. He introduces himself anyway, letting us know he is indeed, Bully Ray. He says Anderson thinks he has Ray right where he wants him, but he's kidding himself. Ray has been exploiting the city of Philadelphia for years, milking the fans for every penny they're worth. He says he's been abusing and taking advantage of these fans for years. He says screw Anderson, and screw Philly, he's Bully Ray and he's from New York City.

Falls Count Anywhere
- Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

The cameras follow Ray from the interview area all the way out to the ramp, and to the ring. Ray gets a healthy amount of heat on his way to the ring, due mostly to his pre-match promo, no doubt. Mr. Anderson is out next, and he gets a big pop from the Philly crowd. Anderson doesn't call for the mic, but instead runs right down to the ring and begins trading blows with Bully Ray. Ray gets the advantage, slamming Anderson's head into the turnbuckle, but he's taken out by a couple of big clotheslines, then a spinning neckbreaker from Anderson. Ray goes up the ropes, but Anderson catches him with a low blow. Anderson shoulders Ray, but Ray drops down and gets his foot right in Anderson's face to take him down to the mat.

Ray picks Anderson up and shoves him into the corner hard. Ray rips off Anderson's t-shirt and hits him with a huge chop before raking him eyes from behind. Ray hits Anderson with another huge chop that echoes throughout the building. Ray hits yet another chop, but Anderson ducks a clothesline and is able to come up with a big kick to Ray's head for a near fall.

Anderson goes to the outside and grabs a sign from a fan that says 'Welcome to Philly A**hole'. Anderson hits Ray with the sign, then opens the sign up to reveal a Dead End sign, before hitting Ray with it again. Ray goes to the outside, and Anderson is quick to follow, laying in with big right hands. Anderson grabs a beer from a fan in the front row and smashes it into Ray's head. Anderson continues punching away at Ray before slamming his head into the barricade. Anderson then slams Ray's head into a chair sitting at ringside, but when he goes to throw Anderson in the ring steps, Ray reverses and slams Anderson into the steps, which is good for a two count.

Ray goes under the ring and grabs a table that he sets up at ringside. Anderson is able to bring the attack back to Bully Ray, punching him all the way up the entrance ramp. Anderson tries for a suplex at the top of the entrance ramp, but it's reversed by Ray, who tries for an immediate cover for a two count. Ray stands up and calls down Anderson's mic at the top of the ramp. He says ladies and gentlemen, from Hell's Kitchen, New York City, but he's stopped short by Anderson. Anderson says this isn't NYC, but welcome to Philly B****. Anderson cracks Ray over the head with the mic which is good or another two count. Ray and Anderson fight to the back, to the boos of the crowd. Ray takes Anderson and smashes him headfirst into some equipment cases. Ray tries to hit Anderson with a big pipe but Anderson moves out of the way. Ray connects with a pile driver on the cement floor for a two count.

Ray is furious and he grabs a chair to use to choke Anderson. Ray takes Anderson back out to the arena and the two trade blows, with Anderson clotheslining Ray to the floor. Anderson picks up Ray's legs and plants his foot right in Ray's groin. Both men move back toward the ring, and eventually make it back through the barricade. Ray rolls into the ring and Anderson catches him with a right to the face. Anderson grabs part of the barricade and brings it into the ring, but when he turns around he walks right into a big clothesline from Ray.

Ray goes to the outside and grabs another table, which he brings into the ring to set up. Ray sets up the table near the corner. Ray waits for Anderson to get up, and he charges, but Anderson back body drops Ray into the barricade, bending it in the process. Anderson goes to the top rope and comes off with a swanton, but Ray moves and Anderson lands on the barricade. Anderson gets to his feet and he's bubba-bombed through the table in the ring. Ray goes for the pin but Anderson is able to kick out at two.

Ray brings the barricade into the center of the ring and drops Anderson on top of it. Ray goes to the top and goes for a back splash, but Anderson rolls out of the way, and Ray crashes into the barricade. Anderson connects with the mic check, sending Ray face first into the barricade, but it's still not enough to keep Ray down for a three count.

Ray goes for the outside to recover, but Anderson is quick to follow. Anderson goes under the ring and grabs a trash can, which he uses to hit Ray in the face. Both men are bleeding just a bit. Ray ends up laying on the table on the outside and Anderson goes up the steps to the apron. Anderson then goes up to the top turnbuckle and launches himself off but he overshoots Ray and barely hits him, which the crowd lets him hear it for. Anderson picks up Ray and mic checks him through the table, pinning him out on the floor and getting the three count.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

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