We go backstage and the cameras have caught Eric Bischoff talking with the referee that's his son. Bischoff alludes to their secret plan paying off tonight and thank him for helping "them" out. Bischoff says Hogan needs to win tonight and they need to take Sting out. He wants Sting to leave on a stretcher. He tells Eric he has his back tonight. Eric tells his son that it's going to get ugly tonight. We go back to Tenay and Taz, who are shocked that referee Jackson James is Eric Bischoff's son.

TNA Knockout Women's Championship
Special Guest Referee: Karen Jarrett
- Winter (c) vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

The special guest referee, Karen Jarrett, is actually the last woman to enter the ring, and she's smiling all the way down, despite being booed quite heavily by the crowd.

The bell rings and it looks like Winter and Mickie will be kicking things off. We get a lock up and Mickie takes her right over with a roll up, but Karen doesn't even try to count. Winter is able to lock in an arm bar, and Karen begins counting for some reason. Mickie fights up to her feet, but she's yanked back down to the mat by her hair. Winter slams Mickie's head into the turnbuckle before sending her hard into the corner. Winter charges but she's caught by an elbow. Mickie is able to hit a headscissors, and a drop down neckbreaker, but Winter rolls to the outside. Rayne comes in and slaps Mickie with something, but I can't see what it is.

Mickie and Rayne go back and forth, with Karen supporting Rayne. Rayne tosses Mickie to the outside and Sky comes in, hitting a couple of knees and bull-dogging Rayne to the mat, but when Sky goes for the pin, Karen won't count. Rayne slams Sky to the mat, but Winter comes in to break up a pin. The heels fight amongst themselves, but Karen stops them and sends them out of the ring. Sky and James are in now and they're slow to start things out. Sky locks in a side headlock and goes for a roll up, but Karen still won't count. Mickie rolls up Sky and gets the same treatment.

Mickie and Sky continue to fight it out but the crowd is not liking this at all. James snap mares Sky and hits a low dropkick before slapping Rayne off of the apron. When Mickie goes back she's caught by chops and kicks from Sky. Sky connects with a flying headscissors before sending Winter off the apron. Mickie and Sky continue to trade blows, but they're pulled to the outside by Rayne and Winter respectively. Now all four women are in the ring with the heels standing tall. The faces are able to turn things around, but Karen threatens to throw them both out. Winter shoves Sky out to the floor and James sends out Rayne. Mickie sends Winter into the corner.

Mickie and Karen argue between themselves, and that allows Angelina to hand something to Winter. Winter tries to spit mist into Mickie's eyes, but James drops down and Winter sprays Karen. Mickie hits a big jumping DDT, but there's no ref. Traci Brooks runs down to the ring to attend to Karen. Mickie and Winter fight to the outside. Sky hits a double underhook facebuster to Rayne and pins her for the three count, with Brooks counting.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

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