In the Arena:

Mike Tenay and Taz are interrupted after the Styles/Daniels match, by Jeff Jarrett's music. The founder of TNA makes his way out to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Jarrett calls for the mic, yelling at So Cal Val to bring the mic to him. After a long pause, Jarrett calls out Jeff Hardy. He says three days ago he told Hardy not to step into the hell-hole of a city that they're in tonight. He says this isn't about him not wanted Hardy in some building or some town, this is an entire organization wanting him to have nothing to do with the event. The backstage personnel, the office, the roster, and everyone here wants nothing to do with Hardy.

He says he and Karen went out into the streets today while things were getting set up, and 9 out of 10 fans said they hoped to never see Hardy in another ring again. Jarrett says he knows Hardy has been hiding in the back all day, but it's time for Hardy to face the music, and Jarrett is calling him out. Jarrett says he brought him into the organization, and he's taking him out tonight.

Hardy's music hits, and the former TNA World Champ makes his way out to the ring. Hardy takes off his hoodie on the way to the ring, getting into the ring in jeans and a sleeveless shirt.

Hardy grabs the mic. Hardy says he just wants to say one thing. Hardy drops the mic and goes to work, laying into Jarrett with a series of right hands. Jarrett comes back with rights of his own, taking him into the corner and punching away. Hardy takes Jarrett down with a clothesline and begins ripping at his shirt. Security makes their way down to the ring and separate the two men. Hardy breaks free and attacks Jarrett, but he's pulled away. Jarrett breaks free and attacks Hardy but he's pulled away.

Referees come down to the ring too, but Hardy is able to break away and continue the fight for a bit. TNA Agents, including D-Lo Brown, make their way out too, but Hardy is still able to break free. Jarrett is pulled out of the ring. The crowd is chanting for D-Lo Brown, which shows how much that segment meant to the Philly fans.

Hardy poses on the turnbuckle, and I'm not sure, but it looks like he's got his own mugshot on the front of his t-shirt. Hardy gets a good bit of love from the crowd.

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