Credit: & The Los Angeles Times

-- The pre-sale code for the January 23rd WWE RAW Supershow taping at the US Airways Center is DTLPRE. The pre-sale will begin tomorrow morning.

-- According to The Los Angeles Times, a film is being developed on the murder of amateur wrestling great David Schultz by John Du Pont at Du Pont's facility Foxcatcher. Steve Carell is set to play du Point while Channing Tatum will play Schultz. Kurt Angle had been training at the du Pont facility at the time of the murder and wrote in great detail about his experiences there in his 2001 WWF autobiography "It's True! It's True!" Following the murder, Angle immediately departed du Pont's facility and became the first member of the Dave Schultz Wrestling Camp. After his victory in the 1996 Atlanta, Georgia Olympics, Angle dedicated the win to Schultz.

-- As we exclusively noted Monday here on the website, former WWE and TNA talent Travis "Tyson" Tomko remains jailed in St. Johns County, Florida eight days after he was arrested on robbery charges, for allegedly robbing 210 tablets of Oxycodone from a CVS Pharmacy. He has yet to come up with $7,500 bail as the official website of the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office lists him as a current jail inmate. His people are telling us he's still incarcerated "at the advice of his lawyers". They also claim he's reaching out to WWE to take them up on their rehab offer for ex-WWE talents.

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